The Birth of a Nation
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Intertitle: ...The policy of the congressional leaders wrought... a veritable overthrow of civilization in the South... in their determination to 'put the white South under the heel of the black South.' woodrow wilson.

Intertitle: A plea FOR THE ART of THE motion picture / We do not fear censorship, for we have no wish to offend with improprieties or obscenities, but we do demand, as a right, the liberty to show the dark side of wrong, that we may illuminate the bright side of virtue - the same liberty that is conceded to the art of the written word - the art to which we owe the Bible and the works of Shakespeare.

Intertitle: Dare we dream of a golden day when the bestial War shall rule n o more. But instead - the gentle Prince in the Hall of Brotherly Love in the City of Peace.

Intertitle: Second Part - Reconstruction. The agony which the South endured that a nation might be born. The blight of war does not end when hostilities cease.

Intertitle: If in this work we have conveyed to the mind the ravages of war to the end that war may be held in abhorrence, this effort will not have been in vain.

John Wilkes Booth: Sic semper tyrannis.

Intertitle: While youth dances the night away, childhood and old age slumber.

Intertitle: The white men were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservation... until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country. woodrow wilson.

Continuity mistake: Right in the beginning, we see a small black child in court. In the close-up of him, we see that he is near the back of the courtroom. However, the camera then cuts to a different angle and suddenly he is at the front of the courtroom, taking his seat.

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Trivia: The film was a favorite of President Woodrow Wilson, a Southerner who was alleged to be a racist, evident through his purging of blacks working in the federal government during the first presidential term.

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