Richard Lannom

4th Mar 2009

Limelight (1952)

Continuity mistake: The pictures on the wall of Calvero's apartment move around during the scenes, particularly the photos flanking the clock on the mantle above the fireplace. A particularly striking example is during the scene wherein Terry recovers the ability to walk. The scene starts off with a photographic-profile-portrait of Chaplin (not decked out as Calvero the Clown) on the left side of the clock and on the right side of the clock, a full-length photo of Calvero the Clown wearing a straw hat, and leaning on his cane, which is held in his left hand. As the scene progresses, the portrait to the left of the clock is replaced by a half-length photo of Calvero the Clown wearing a top hat, with his cane swung across his body, angled up. As Terry realizes she can walk, the portrait re-appears to the left of the clock, and there is nothing to the right of the clock.

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Richard Lannom

Continuity mistake: In the sequence entitled "A mother's gift to the cause, three sons off for the war".During the scenes in the house where the women are bidding farewell to the departing soldiers, the officers' sabers are on their left sides, as they should be. But, when Ben Cameron takes his leave of his family on the porch, the film has been flipped so that his saber appears to be on his right side. This flipped film continues as he mounts his horse from the right side (rather than the left, which is customary), draws his saber with his left hand, places it against his left shoulder, and rides away with the troops, all of whom appear to have their sabers in their left hands with their scabbards on their right hips. As the infantry passes by, the film is still flipped as the soldiers have their muskets on their left shoulders, and their bedrolls on their right shoulders; whereas, we had seen the same column of troops earlier with the equipment reversed, i.e., muskets on right shoulders and bedrolls on left shoulders.


Richard Lannom

Continuity mistake: In the sequence entitled "Their State flag. The spirit of the South".When Ben Cameron enters the room and picks up his little sister, he is wearing his saber. When he then carries her across the room and shows her the flag, his saber is missing.


Richard Lannom

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