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Sea of Sand picture

Revealing mistake: Whenever our heroes are shown firing the Vickers guns on or off the vehicles, they are very obviously fitted with blank-fire adapters to the front. The belts of ammunition for them throughout the film are also blanks - the cases are visible, but the bullets that should project out the other side of the belt are not present.

Andrew Upton
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The Winter War picture

Revealing mistake: When the Russians are in the Finn's trench, you see the Finns stabbing the Russians. If you look carefully, on a few of the Russians you can see protection visible. (00:48:45)

Ssiscool Premium member
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The Fifth-Column Mouse picture

Revealing mistake: When the mice are feeding the cat, the cat sits up and a mouse passes through his head.

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Catch-22 picture

Revealing mistake: During the Flak attack on the B25s Arfy notices Orr's plane going down. The scene cuts to a smoking plane going down at a steep angle, but you can see the plane was flying straight and the film turned at an angle as the colors on the horizon are also at a steep angle.

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Yamato picture

Revealing mistake: As Uchida makes his last-stand the ships tilts heavily to the right, however none of the empty shells on the deck move, showing that it's only the camera being angled.

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Barry Lyndon picture

Revealing mistake: When Barry stands at his uncle's dinner table to supposedly "toast" Captain John Quinn for his pending marriage, to Barry's cousin Nora Brady (who Barry is in love with), he throws his glass in Captain Quinn's face instead. However, the glass noticeably breaks before Barry even throws it.

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Sahara picture

Revealing mistake: At the start of the film, Sergeant Gunn and another member of his tank crew take shelter in a shell hole as they are returning with fuel and spare parts. Watch the supposedly dead soldier hanging over the edge as they leap into it - he visibly reacts and moves his head.

Andrew Upton
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The Wooden Horse picture

Revealing mistake: When there's a cave-in in the tunnel the POWs are building, you can hear, as the POW is tunnelling out of the cave-in, his trowel hitting the glass that separates him from the camera and crew.

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Zulu Dawn picture

Revealing mistake: The bayonet used by Private Williams after the death of his Sergeant Major is flexible and made of rubber.

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Operation Petticoat picture

Revealing mistake: During the opening credits, as a crab descends past the periscope, the string attached to the crab is visible.

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