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A Bridge Too Far picture

Revealing mistake: While the German officer, played by Hardy Kr├╝ger, is in a pill box reporting back to his headquarters, with the bridge seen in the background, rush-hour traffic can been seen on the bridge.

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Tarzan Triumphs picture

Revealing mistake: In this scene we see Cheetah jumping down from a tree to the ground. In the next shot we see Cheetah and a circle of light moves, which indicates they were using a mirror or even a light for extra lighting to brighten up the shot. This happens very briefly and is very noticeable.

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Stalag 17 picture

Revealing mistake: When the smudge pot is set off, it's on the ground, smoke coming of the ends. A moment later, along with a huge cloud, if you look at the bottom of the scene, there's an area about five feet wide billowing smoke.

Movie Nut
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Inglourious Basterds picture

Revealing mistake: Hugo Stiglitz's eyes twitch when Hans Landa is inspecting his dead body.

S. Ha
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The Bridge at Remagen picture

Revealing mistake: When the Remagen bridge is bombed, it is obvious that the bomber planes shown have been taken from several shots (possibly also from an earlier film) and the shots were superimposed. Also, the bombers appear transparent, and the background sky's color is unnaturally strong, too.

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Heartbreak Ridge picture

Revealing mistake: As Sgt. Highway turns the dead body with a cigar in the pocket you can see its right arm move to avoid twisting. (01:38:05)

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Cleopatra picture

Revealing mistake: When Caesar's ship arrives in the Alexandria marketplace, he tells his men to "go marketing" rather than force their way through the crowd with swords. Rufio says "you're not serious?" He then silently mouths along with Caesar's reply, "We shall shop our way to the palace steps." (00:11:30)

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Lawrence of Arabia picture

Revealing mistake: Near the beginning, after the corporal has burned his finger and tells the other corporal that Lawrence is balmy, O'Toole begins to run up the stairs to meet with a general. After O'Toole is out of view of the camera, you can tell he has stopped running up the stairs by his shadow on the wall not moving, because he knows that the director is about to shout "cut".

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Sahara picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where a British soldier (Williams) and Sgt. Joe Gunn (Humphrey Bogart) are in a trench, the British soldier is shot dead by a German sniper. Joe Gunn moves in for a closer look and it can be seen that the "dead" soldier is breathing, his shoulder is moving. (01:15:30)

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The Great Dictator picture

Revealing mistake: When the defective shell is about to fall, the ground has no sand mounts. Couple shots later, now on the floor, the shell turns around following Chaplin. Watch and you'll see that a sand mount has magically appeared close to the shell to hide the white mechanism that makes the bullet turn.

Sacha Premium member
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None But the Brave picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where there is a air battle between a DC-3 transport, a American Corsair fighter and a Japanese Zero fighter we see some shots where model aircraft were used - it can be seen that there are wires holding the three aircraft up.

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The Winter War picture

Revealing mistake: When the Russians are in the Finn's trench, you see the Finns stabbing the Russians. If you look carefully, on a few of the Russians you can see protection visible. (00:48:45)

Ssiscool Premium member
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The Fifth-Column Mouse picture

Revealing mistake: When the mice are feeding the cat, the cat sits up and a mouse passes through his head.

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Catch-22 picture

Revealing mistake: During the Flak attack on the B25s Arfy notices Orr's plane going down. The scene cuts to a smoking plane going down at a steep angle, but you can see the plane was flying straight and the film turned at an angle as the colors on the horizon are also at a steep angle.

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Yamato picture

Revealing mistake: As Uchida makes his last-stand the ships tilts heavily to the right, however none of the empty shells on the deck move, showing that it's only the camera being angled.

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Barry Lyndon picture

Revealing mistake: When Barry stands at his uncle's dinner table to supposedly "toast" Captain John Quinn for his pending marriage, to Barry's cousin Nora Brady (who Barry is in love with), he throws his glass in Captain Quinn's face instead. However, the glass noticeably breaks before Barry even throws it.

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Sahara picture

Revealing mistake: At the start of the film, Sergeant Gunn and another member of his tank crew take shelter in a shell hole as they are returning with fuel and spare parts. Watch the supposedly dead soldier hanging over the edge as they leap into it - he visibly reacts and moves his head.

Andrew Upton
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The Wooden Horse picture

Revealing mistake: When there's a cave-in in the tunnel the POWs are building, you can hear, as the POW is tunnelling out of the cave-in, his trowel hitting the glass that separates him from the camera and crew.

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Zulu Dawn picture

Revealing mistake: The bayonet used by Private Williams after the death of his Sergeant Major is flexible and made of rubber.

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Operation Petticoat picture

Revealing mistake: During the opening credits, as a crab descends past the periscope, the string attached to the crab is visible.

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