Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders (2003)

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Factual error: Sarah states that Namibia is on the Ivory Coast, while in fact, it is on the Skeleton Coast in southern Africa.

Factual error: The Berlin Wall is coming down on television (November 1989) and it is snowing in London. It doesn't snow in London in November, and if it was on the ground when Sarah Jordan went to Chechnya, it would certainly have melted by the time Nick Callahan returned.

Continuity mistake: When Angelina Jolie is chasing her son into the bedroom trying to put his pyjama top on, he is wearing a singlet. When the dad walks in and she finally gets the top on him, the top few buttons are undone and the singlet has now gone.

Continuity mistake: In a room in war-torn Chechnya where Sarah Jordan comes in search for Nick Callahan, there is a bottled-water container on a night table by the bed where she sits; this large bottle appears to be made out of glass and in the general shape of a "Perrier" or a "Badoit," but has a clear/blue tint instead of green, and labels only in blue letterings on white background without fancy images/graphics. Then a CIA agent appears at the door, comes into the room, and sits on the edge of the bed, when a closeup shot of him talking to Sarah shows a cutoff view of the water bottle that now bears a label with wide vertical borders in red.

Revealing mistake: Sarah is reading her daughter a story about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but the cover of the book is Little Red Riding Hood.

Nick Callahan: If I could live this life again, I would never leave you for a second.

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