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Space Sweepers picture

Stupidity: When the crew think that Dorothy is a robot with a bomb planted in her and is capable of exploding, they begin to think that she is about to explode and attempt to dodge it. Rather than hide somewhere or take cover behind an area that may protect them, they just get down on the floor in front of them and cover their heads with their hands. If they thought the explosion was going to be as deadly as the one they saw on the news, this method of taking cover wouldn't be even remotely effective. (00:24:40)

Casual Person

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X-Men: First Class picture

Stupidity: All the mutants on the island need Magneto at the last second to take control of the missiles so they don't land and explode. Why didn't Azazel just teleport everyone off the island?

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Suggested correction: Given the situation, there was probably very little time to come up with a plan like this. The missiles were flying towards them extremely quickly, and there would have been nowhere near enough time to band every single person together for Azazel to teleport them all out of there in just a few seconds.

Casual Person

There was plenty of time. He could have taken 5 at a time down the Beach 3 miles and came back for the rest. Earlier in the movie he was moving so fast men were falling from the sky at nearly the same time and he was teleporting them one at a time.

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The Book of Henry picture

Stupidity: While "sneaking" away from the school during the talent show, Susan squealed her tires pulling out of the parking spot (which wasn't in the best place for sneaking out). She speeds out of the lot and down the road, squealing her tires again making a sharp turn and cutting off a driver. These are ways of drawing attention to oneself and increasing the chances of being detected. (01:22:32)


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The Great Escape picture

Stupidity: When the Hilts discover they're 20' short of the trees, why wouldn't he "dirty up" his white/light tan pants so the tower lights wouldn't expose him so easily?


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Suggested correction: Because he would look scruffy and dirty once he got out. He was the Cooler King and knew his way around after all.


I would suggest in the reality of the escape, light colored clothing would not have been worn so as to blend in to the night and the surrounding environment better. The light slacks were strictly for artistic reasons.


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Thelma and Louise picture

Stupidity: Given Louise's character, it makes no sense at all for her to leave Thelma in charge of the money. She's known Thelma for years, and knows fully well how flaky Thelma is. And Louise is shown as a person who lives by "If you want something right, you've gotta do it yourself". She's responsible, perhaps even uptight, at that point in the movie. So it defies everything about her character that she would let Thelma guard the money - it smells like a device set up just to allow the money to be stolen.

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The Art of Racing in the Rain picture

Stupidity: Denny removed a tray of chicken/capons from the oven, set it on the counter, cut off a piece from one chicken and threw it to Enzo (who caught it in his mouth). If the meat had just been removed from the oven, it would have been too hot to give to a dog and Enzo could have burned his mouth/tongue. (00:51:25)


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Orphan: First Kill picture

Stupidity: Soon after the new art therapy instructor Anna arrived for her first day at the mental hospital, Leena - the most dangerous patient - was not in her room and nobody could find her. The hospital went into lock down and the doctor took Anna to a room. Without first looking in the room, the doctor said, "Do not leave this room. Don't worry, you will be safe here and we'll come back after we found her" and then locked Anna inside the room - with Leena. (00:03:36 - 00:04:41)


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Below the Belt picture

Stupidity: When Rosa notices Terrible Tommy hurts opponents for real then the others know this also, obviously, so why don't they complain to the promoter and have her fired?


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The Big Doll House picture

Stupidity: It's a mystery how the guards never noticed Grear and Collins sneaking to a private spot for their fight while the inmates were working in the sugarcane field. They're never shown being caught.


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No Retreat, No Surrender picture

Stupidity: Scott spread his lie about the protagonist telling Dean, who tells Frank (without details, just that the guy is 'a good fighter'). So barely one person (acting rather childish for a supposed master) has any animosity towards the new fella. There are over two dozens people in the class (in a 'good guys' gym, not one of those evil moustache twirling villain dens) and yet everyone is happy and cheerful watching a black belt beat the snot out of a schoolboy redbelt, for no reason. Most people there are grown-ups and there are black belts; they should be horrified or at least VERY puzzled. (00:30:00)

Sammo Premium member

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The Virgin Suicides picture

Stupidity: Dr. Horniker (MD, PhD) advised Mr. And Mrs. Lisbon that Cecilia could use a kind of "outlet outside the codification of school" and should "interact with males her own age." The Lisbons did arrange a party for Cecilia, but the boys who were invited (or came) were somewhat older. Cecilia, at age 13, would be in Jr. High School. Tim and Parkie were 16-17. Chase looked a little younger than the other boys, but none of the boys were really "males her own age." Had the boys been 12-13 or even 14 and Cecilia's older sisters not present, Cecilia may have a better experience - and not jumped to her death during the party. (00:07:35)


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Logan's Run picture

Stupidity: Why is it that runners wait until their 30th birthday to run, when they'll most likely get caught? It would make more sense if runners tried to escape to sanctuary weeks or months before their last day. This way, they could meticulously plan their escape without drawing attention to themselves.

Mike Lynch

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Suggested correction: That wouldn't be particularly advantageous for runners. The computer system monitoring the city knows when someone is running regardless of their age and will dispatch the Sandmen to eliminate them. People who choose to run only do it as a last ditch effort, believing they will die on Carousel anyway so running is a risk some are willing to take. In the meantime it would be preferable to live out their guaranteed lifespan and enjoy the pleasures afforded to them by living within the city.

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Carol picture

Stupidity: Carol attempting to shoot the tape recorder was incredibly stupid. If the gun was loaded, it would've ended up much worse for her. Everyone in the motel would've heard. She would've been arrested, possibly jailed, and she would've had to explain why she shot it.


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The Gourmet Detective picture

Stupidity: In the flashback about the way the victim was poisoned, it would seem that the murderer straight out went to a waitress and handed them a single chalice of poisoned champagne, ordering the waitress to give that exact glass to the victim. That's just a little bit absurd; if it's a flashback based on a testimony, the case should have been solved in 0.1 minutes once the waitress says that that very well known person asked them to bring a glass to the victim - it's a request highly unusual and that would be easily remembered. If it's just some wild guess of the detective, that's a mighty strange way to imagine how things went, rather than just the killer slipping venom in the victim's glass when they were not looking. (01:04:00)

Sammo Premium member

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The Fast and the Furious picture

Stupidity: At the end Vince fires a grappling hook at the passenger seat of the truck then attaches the other end to himself, all the truck driver has to do now is hit the brakes and Vince would be dead under the truck or dragged along the road.

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Suggested correction: In point of fact, the truck driver does slam on his brakes; but, defying physics, Vince is catapulted around the right side of the truck to the passenger door.

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Running on Empty picture

Stupidity: Paul Manfield (Arthur Pope) and his family have been hiding from and eluding the FBI for fifteen years, but Paul gets so intoxicated one night that he loudly sings "Pretty Woman" walking toward his house - where neighbors could hear - and yells that he is not Paul, he is Arthur Pope. (00:52:18)


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Forbidden Planet picture

Stupidity: All of Robbie's circuits have been burned out as a result of Morbius ordering him to kill the Id monster. The crew only has 24 hours to get the ship loaded and a safe distance away from Altair IV before it explodes. But one or more of the crew spends the little time they have fixing Robbie, a very sophisticated piece of technology, who is working the controls at the end of the movie.

Mike Lynch

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New Jack City picture

Stupidity: The crack house workers are all topless to prevent 'hiding' any product for personal use. Yet are also wearing parachute type pants that they could easily hide things in.


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A Simple Favor picture

Stupidity: Stephanie empties Emily's large closet, but when she comes back with the movers, lo and behold, all of the dead person's belongings are back. They are back though exactly as they were with superhuman inch-perfect precision. Since this movie does not have a supernatural element, that appears really silly. (01:00:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Stowaway picture

Stupidity: Two things: 1. I find it inconceivable that there is only one Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDMA) and no spares for a two-year mission. 2. The crew has 20 days to fix an oxygen problem. The commander decides on a 10-day window. 5 days into that window they try to load oxygen from the Kingfisher spacecraft. One is lost into space. Zoe decides to go and fill the other one in the midst of a solar storm that will only last hours. Why take that chance? A few hours wait is still quite possible.


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