The Pledge

Stupidity: The end fell apart. It took convincing to get the police at the picnic area; however, while Jack was cracking up, they just left alone with his gun. After the stakeout was a bust, why didn't the police just question the girl: "Who told you to come here? Who was to meet you here?" Also, they police see a smashed black station-wagon. Was there no connection to the previous child's drawing?

Continuity mistake: In the very last scene, we see a train passing behind Jack Nicholson's Gas station. Earlier in the movie he is saying how much he appreciates the big fields behind the house where Lori's daughter can play. Where are those fields?

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Duane Larsen: I want to see my daughter.
Jerry Black: I don't think that would be a good idea.
Duane Larsen: WHY WOULDN'T that be A good idea?
Jerry Black: Because we hardly dared to look ourselves.

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