The Pledge

Corrected entry: When we first meet Robin Penn, in the restaurant where she works, her right front tooth is noticibly chipped. When we see Robin at the end of the movie, her tooth is whole. No cosmetic dentistry visits between scenes were mentioned.

Correction: Her ex hit her and a tooth came out. Jerry comments on her new tooth at a fishing trip.

She told her daughter the tooth was capped.

Correction: At about 1:20 minutes into the movie, Robin Penn explains to her daughter that she had a cap put on her tooth.

Corrected entry: Before he leaves for his Baja fishing trip, Jack Nicholson's character sits at an airport bar drinking a plastic cup of Scotch. As the camera pulls away in the next frame, he's shown sitting in front of a tall flute of beer. A few frames later, he's back in close up, nursing his short plastic cup of scotch.

Correction: These shots are split by shots showing TV news coverage, planes leaving the hanger, etc, and are intended to show that significant time is passing as he sits there. His going from scotch to beer and back to scotch is another hint that he's been there long enough to have had several drinks.


Continuity mistake: In the very last scene, we see a train passing behind Jack Nicholson's Gas station. Earlier in the movie he is saying how much he appreciates the big fields behind the house where Lori's daughter can play. Where are those fields?

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Stan Krolak: There is no Wizard, Jerry.
Jerry Black: You don't know what the fuck you are dealing with! The Wizard is real and I know it.

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