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Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero picture

Stupidity: Belson wakes up Barbara and unlocks her chain only to try and give her an injection of sedative for the operation. Who would ever do that, instead of keeping her asleep and restrained?

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Fist of Fury picture

Stupidity: At the end, the police inspector talks Bruce Lee into surrendering, and about 8 people (including the inspector) escort him out of the school. As soon as they're outside, Bruce sees a formation of heavily-armed police preparing to fire. Realizing he was betrayed, Bruce Lee charges, screaming, straight into a barrage of gunfire as the action freezes for credits. However, before the action freezes, there's NO reaction from anyone standing behind Bruce Lee, even though they are directly in the line of fire. Even the police inspector (who knew the police gunmen were waiting outside) just stands there instead of immediately diving for cover.

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The Mauritanian picture

Stupidity: While awaiting their flight home, Nancy told Teri, "Think I miscalculated the tea. I'm not gonna last three-and-a-half hours [on the non-stop flight with no restroom facility]." Nancy then went into the gift shop where Stuart Couch introduced himself, asked if he could get her a drink, and bought her a bottle of beer. Nancy drank at least some of the beer on screen, even though she was already concerned about drinking tea before her flight. (00:59:28 - 01:00:30)


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Law Abiding Citizen picture

Stupidity: The first time they go into Butler's garage next to the prison they are breaking in, but Butler never witnessed any break in clues to raise his suspicion. They replaced the lock with the exact same lock. It is clear that they didn't know that this was his access point to the prison, but once they found out there is no way to cover up that someone compromised the facility. How is Gerald sure that the bomb will remain under the meeting room while on his way back to the cell? He has a camera in the meeting room but in the bomb room he didn't bother to put one.

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