Those Who Wish Me Dead

Factual error: The Channel 5 WNP Newscaster said, "it is now believed he [District Attorney Berdido] and his family were killed..." and running along the bottom of the screen was "4 confirmed dead in Fort Lauderdale gas explosion." This was a LIVE report showing two streams of water onto the house still burning inside. An investigation would barely, if at all, be started at this time and no-one would be "confirmed dead" this early. It would not even be known if anyone was home when the house exploded. (00:04:34 - 00:04:55)


Other mistake: When the villains Patrick and Jack decide to go into the forest and pursue Hannah and the boy, all they take with them is their large guns and nothing else. Yet later on, they are both firing countless, endless rounds of bullets at Hannah, Ethan and the boy. Where did all the extra ammunition come from? They weren't carrying any bags and their tight suits don't seem to be holding anything.

Gavin Jackson

Continuity mistake: While Hannah is outside sitting on a boulder and talking on the phone to Ryan, a side view shows her wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans but a back view shows her wearing a brown top and tan pants. The remaining front, back, and side views are consistent (brown jacket and blue jeans). (00:26:53 - 00:27:16)


Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the film, Hannah, who has had her face pummelled by one of the villains emerges from the creek having escaped the fire with only minor bruising on her face and a cut on the bridge of her nose. Immediately after that, they are rescued but her face is now deeply cut, both eyes are blackened and there is a deep gash on her cheek.


Other mistake: When the D.A.'s house exploded, almost all the debris landed in the front yard; few pieces landed in neighbors' yards. The aerial view on the live news showed a few small pieces of debris on one neighbor's otherwise clean roof, despite the houses being very close. The car that was in the DA's driveway was not visible and there wasn't enough debris on that side of the house to have covered it. The neighbor's boat was not there. Gas explosions typically "floor" the entire house. (00:03:41 - 00:04:55)


Other mistake: After Allison set Jack on fire, his suit jacket was burning for at least several seconds. He was suddenly no longer on fire, there was no smoldering or floor damage, and he was able to immediately start shooting at her. His clothes did not look charred and even his hair was not singed. (Later, the side of his face was burned). (00:52:21 - 00:52:52)


Other mistake: At the school, a police officer told Owen, "Let's go" (move his vehicle). Owen tells Connor "We're playing hooky", makes a sharp turn, speeds past three school buses parked along the road, and passes a police office and school crossing guard (who didn't seem to notice). School zones have 15 MPH limits and police take speeding in these areas very seriously. A motorists violating in a school zone like Owen did would be pursued and cited with multiple offenses. (00:05:40)


Continuity mistake: Hannah is wearing a blue jersey when she is outside the tower and when she goes inside to answer the phone. She tells Ryan she will call back on the SAT phone (for personal calls). Hannah is next seen sitting on the edge of a Boulder overlooking the mountains, talking to Ryan. She is now wearing a brown top and tan pants. The same conversation is occurring, but when there is a side view of Hannah, she is suddenly wearing a brown jacket with fur trim and light blue jeans. (00:26:00 - 00:26:53)


Hannah: I'm feeling naughty.
Vic: Well, me being the team player... -I guess I can help you with that.
Hannah: I do not have sex with a man I have seen shit in the woods.
Vic: Get the fuck out of here. I have the very same rule.
Hannah: You don't have sex with men who shit in the woods?

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