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Stupidity: Spoiler. In a typical 'why didn't he do it before?' twist that kinda invalidates the rest of the movie, it turns out that the villain has had a third Will Smith clone all along, ready for deployment in Yemen and with fear and pain genetically removed, ready to blindly kill anyone, combined with so much body armor that even point blank AR-15 carbine shots barely faze...but he sent the 'prototype' he raised like a son instead, in a hoodie and baseball cap.

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Stupidity: Despite the fact that the villains know exactly where Brogan is for the better part of the movie thanks to a tracer, and that they display constantly that they are able and willing to hit with bold military operations even to the point of hitting an urban area overruling law enforcement (apparently Clay has authority to do that too), Brogan is able to get undisturbed back in the US through his friend's plane. Considering he was officially marked as a rogue agent and killed 8 DIA operatives, it's hard to see how Baron's plane could ever land on American soil after a long intercontinental flight.

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Continuity mistake: In the movie ending, the three main characters (and two main actors) are walking off together following Will Smith Sr. That 'knows a place' to eat. Notice on the left part of the frame, along the path they are traveling, a couple of students; he has a beige jacket, yellow-ish sneakers and jeans, she has a blue jacket, and they are talking with another girl with a lighter blue jacket. In the next shot Danny asks him "So you settled down on major yet?" and the two aforementioned students are behind them, standing at the beginning of the walkway. (01:45:35)

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Clay Verris: Look what we created. You were the inspiration for all this.
Henry: Why not just make whole army full of them?
Clay Verris: Why not? You should be flattered.
Henry: You should be dead.

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Question: At the end of the movie, Will Smith (the older one) has a present for his son/brother/younger self; his official documents he apparently did not have. Passport, driving license and birth certificate; he congratulates him on his name choice. And he gives those to him as Junior is walking out of the college campus, which he obviously is already frequenting and where he made many friends. I know the US system allows undocumented students, but can you even enroll without the most basic ID? In particular since he is in Georgia, which reportedly is one of the strictest states about it.

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Answer: I worked at a university for over 30 years. A person cannot enroll in an accredited university or college without proper identification, educational history, transcripts, test scores, financial information, etc.

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