Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

Stupidity: Robin uses the high pressure water from the pump to neutralize the bear next to Batman (which is like 10 meters away from him and still the water jet is so strong that it pushes the 1000 pounds bear away and flips it on its back,), but does not use it to push away the other bear that is literally breathing on his face centimeters away from him. He has all the space and time to do that (especially after Batman's intervention). (00:50:30)

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Stupidity: Belson wakes up Barbara and unlocks her chain only to try and give her an injection of sedative for the operation. Who would ever do that, instead of keeping her asleep and restrained?

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Plot hole: Batman finds at Belson's home a handwritten list of substances needed for a transplant. Why would Belson, a medical authority in the field that knows those things thoroughly, even write a list down? If it's for Freeze to procure him the material, why would it be at his house and not with him, and when did he even have time to be at home to do that, since he has been kidnapped by Freeze when he was driving on the outskirts of Gotham and taken to the oil rig? If he had time to go home, he at least would have changed clothes, he's still in the tuxedo he wore when he was kidnapped the night before.

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Commissioner James 'Jim' Gordon: Come on, people! A guy in a wierd suit with two polar bears can't be too hard to spot.

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