Factual error: In the scene when Kale uses the lamp, taking off its lamp-shade, to see what's inside the hole, he points it in there. The lamp, actually, shouldn't illuminate the wall in one point creating a circle like a flashlight but wholly lighten the larger area. (01:30:00)

Character mistake: In one scene, Ashley looks into Mr. Turner's yard with binoculars. She looks through the large glass circles. That would result in seeing everything smaller. If you want to see everything bigger, you are supposed to look through the small glass circles.

Continuity mistake: When Ashley is locked out of her house and decides to stay at Kale with Ronnie, she is wearing a brown skirt, up until a scene when she is at Kale's computer (still stranded/locked out) and she is wearing jeans. Where did she get these if she was locked out of her house? (00:35:30 - 00:39:05)


Plot hole: When Kale and Ashley escape from Turner, Kale tells Ashley to make sure the police come. But, when the cop comes, Ashley does not seem to have told him about what just happened, he gets killed before he can request backup, and then the police arrive right after Kale and his mother walk out the garage after defeating Turner. Why did she not inform the cop and wait all that time to call the police?

Plot hole: Turner locks himself and Ashley in her car so he can confront her. However after his speech, Turner somehow manages to open the door without unlocking it.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ronnie is breaking into Turners car, he has a spatula and some sort of long instrument that he has used to break into the car. They are lodged into the window frame of the door. Suddenly, Kale informs Ronnie that turner may be heading home and Ronnie starts to make his exit from the vehicle. The spatula and long instrument have now disappeared.

Daniel Downes

Factual error: After the second collision at the start of the movie, Kale limps around to check on his father. The blood on Kale's face appears to be congealed and dry already. Head wounds bleed profusely. It would still be flowing down his face at this time. (00:05:00)

Plot hole: When Kale and Ashley are hiding in Kale's dad's office before Turner breaks through the door, the power goes out. Kale's ankle bracelet goes off when he and Ashley cross the line. However, considering that at the beginning of the film Viola Davis explains that the police will come immediately if the machine that traces the bracelet is unplugged, the bracelet should have started when the power went out.

Revealing mistake: When Kale and his father are hit by the red truck at the beginning of the movie, a rectangular hole can be seen in the trunk where the spare tire is, obviously not for the tyre itself or made by the crash. (00:04:25)


Factual error: When Turner takes the keys out of Ashley's car, she never put it in park, and you can't take the keys out of a car that is not in park.

Continuity mistake: During a close up shot where Kale is writing the garage code that Ronnie is giving him on a notebook, we see a pair of binoculars lying flat next to the notebook. We then cut to a wide shot from behind Kale, and the binoculars are now standing up on the large lens. (01:04:55)

Continuity mistake: When Ashley is tracking Turner at the store, a man with a blue shirt and long hair walks past her, when she is looking down an aisle of canned resources from the end. In the next shot where she bumps into her friend, the man is not walking down the aisle.

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