Disturbia (2007)

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Plot hole: Turner locks himself and Ashley in her car so he can confront her. However after his speech, Turner somehow manages to open the door without unlocking it.

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Suggested correction: It is accurate that Turner can open the door without unlocking it, all modern cars can be opened from the inside whether the door is locked or not. Ashley never actually tries to open the door, she reaches for the handle and stops once Turner locks the door. Since the movie never actually shows Ashley try to open the door, this doesn't count as a plot hole. If anything this is a character mistake, Ashley should be well aware that she can't be "locked in" a car that new.


Continuity mistake: When Ashley is locked out of her house and decides to stay at Kale with Ronnie, she is wearing a brown skirt, up until a scene when she is at Kale's computer (still stranded/locked out) and she is wearing jeans. Where did she get these if she was locked out of her house? (00:35:30 - 00:39:05)


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Ronnie: Operation Stupid is officially over.

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Trivia: In the scene when Ashley and Kale prepare for their plan of making observations on Mr. Turner and Ashley reads an article on the Internet, the picture of the dead woman in the computer screen comes from www.rotten.com and is an actual picture of a dead body. (00:39:20)

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Question: When Mr Turner notices Kale, it is presumed that he let his victim go. But then later in the film, it comes to the viewer's knowledge that the woman never left. How could Mr Turner fake that?


Chosen answer: When Kale goes in Mr. Turner's house to find his mom, he finds a red wig and heels (when he saw the girl leaving Mr. Turner's house, that was Mr. Turner wearing the wig and taking her car to make it seemed like she had left safely).

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