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Corrected entry: After he has been put on house arrest, Kale is shown making a structure out of twinkies, he is laying them flat. Later when his friend, Ronny, comes over for the first time you see the structure again, but the twinkies are standing upright. (00:15:35 - 00:24:00)

Correction: You can see on the bottom of the tower they are lying flat. The Twinkies tower is not hollow. The inside has a few Twinkies laid flat so that the ones upright have a place to lean on.

Corrected entry: It would have been impossible for Mr. Turner to take Kale's mom to the basement and bind and gag her between the time he knocked her out and the time he went to Kale's house and attacked Ronald.

Correction: Turner was probably taking Kale's mom to the basement before Kale saw the footage and called for Ronnie. It was likely shown this way so that the reveal that Turner was in fact, a killer, would be shown in both scenes at the same time, rather than reveal it twice.

Corrected entry: The cop has been shown the entire movie to have it out for Kale. Always showing up as soon as possible to catch him when he goes outside the boundaries. Then, at the end, the one time that Kale WANTS him to come ASAP, the cop takes his own sweet time. Of course, the cop has no idea that Kale wants him there to save him from a murderer. So it is very out of character for him to suddenly not care about catching Kale violating the house arrest.

Correction: Doing something that is out-of-character is not a plot hole. The cop could have had any number of reasons for now showing up right away. He may simply have gotten tired of responding all the time or felt that Kale was yanking his chain, expecting him to come running every time he stepped over the boundary.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Turner is in Ashley's car, he turns off her car and removes the keys from the ignition, but his hair is still blowing from the air conditioner, which should turn off when the car is turned off.

Correction: Who says that in order to have someone's hair blowing in the wind, it needs to be blow via air conditioner? Turner leaned into the car through the window, yes? Well, then the window was open, allowing wind to pass through the window and blow against Turner's hair. No air conditioner needed.

Corrected entry: On Ashley's way back to her home, she says that she loses Turner and she can't see his car. However, when she is driving she is stopped by Turner standing in front of her car. His car, the Mustang, is not visible. So, where would Turner have put his car?

Correction: If you watch carefully, Turner spots Ashley as hes checking out, he had plenty of time to move his car and hide in the garage to scare her while she was being distracted by Minnie.

Corrected entry: In the scene after Shia is told that the three months would not be easy, it switches to a scene with him playing an Xbox 360. The game on the screen is GRAW 2 and it shows that he is playing on the tv, but if you look at the controller in his hand, the controller is off because the light on the controller would be green.

Correction: If you look closely at the controller, the green light around the Xbox logo is in fact on.

Corrected entry: Kale and Ronnie are watching Ashley in the pool. When Ronnie hits the glass with the binoculars, Ashley gets out of the pool. The boys look for her when, all of a sudden, the doorbell rings. Ashley's hair and clothes are not all that wet, considering she has just gotten out of her pool and put her clothes on over her swim suit.

Correction: Actually, when Ronnie hits the glass with the binoculars, Ashley is just getting into the pool. The both of them check to really see if she saw them looking, she looks up at the window, and then she gets out of the pool, she dresses herself, and walks over to Kale's house, then rings the doorbell a bajillion times. She had plenty of time to dry herself off and put her clothes back on in the time span of Kale and Ronnie freaking out.

Corrected entry: When Kale and Ashley are kissing and Kale is telling Ashley that, "I have a million problems," the movie cuts to a scene where Turner is cutting up a (potential?) corpse. Considering that later on in the movie, it is revealed that he has a big lab where he can do these types of things, why would he cut the corpse (even if it were a deer rather than the club girl) in the open like that?

Correction: Character choice, not a movie mistake. Turner knows Kale is on to him. Cutting up the "corpse" of the deer in the open ultimately leads to the police finding out the "body" is just a deer, discrediting Kale's accusations.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: While Mr. Turner is chasing Kale throughout the house, the phone line dies as well as the power. He then says that he needs to 'cross the line' for his ankle bracelet to go off, and for the police to come. However the police would be notified before then because the bracelet's base uses the phone line to report the location of Kale, and wouldn't be receiving any further information from that time. Also, the ankle bracelet would start blinking when the power goes off because the GPS unit in the base needs power to determine the distance between the base and the bracelet, as well as report Kale's location.

Correction: Its never said how the police were notified, all that is said was there was more trouble and the officer indicated he was taking his time getting there. Although the ankle bracelet blinking is a mistake.

Corrected entry: During the scene in which Kale and Ashley are fighting over the iPod used to play Kale's music during the party at Ashley's house, when they are fighting and the iPod becomes unplugged from Kale's speaker system, the iPod should have automatically stopped playing. The iPod has a feature which cannot be disabled which automatically pauses the music playing when the headphone/speaker cable is unplugged. However, when the iPod is then replugged-in moments later, the song is still playing. (00:57:20)

Kyle Bandy

Correction: While it's right to say that there is no setting to enable/disable the function mentioned, there is a physical way to have the music play without anything in the headphone jack. After the audio cable is removed, it does go to auto-pause. However, if the play button is pushed whether or not a cable is inserted, the music will play. Considering the way Kale and Ashley were holding the iPod, and even with the iPod behind Kale's back, it's not impossible that the play button was pressed somewhere along the way.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Turner enters Ashley's car, he takes the keys out of the ignition and uses the remote to lock the car (you hear the car alarm set). However, without unlocking the car, he puts the keys back in the ignition and starts it. This would trigger the immobiliser/car alarm.

Correction: Actually, putting the keys in the ignition and starting the car usually overrides most factory installed alarms, in all the cars I have owned it is actually the only way to stop the alarm once it starts going off, we would need more info about this alarm system to say this is a mistake.


Corrected entry: After Kale kills Turner he tosses him into the pit of water. However, just being dead, Turner goes in stiff as a board (instead of his arms and legs dangling) showing it was a dummy thrown into the pit.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: It's obviously a stunt double. His arms are "stiff" because he is holding on to the garden shears stuck in his stomach. Dummies used in movies are never stiff as a board anyway.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: During the party the door bell rings, Kale opens it and the neighbor boys throw water balloons. Then Ashley crawls into the window. In the background you can see Kale's bedroom, which is on the second floor, then when Ashley goes to throw the music player she's on the balcony. So Kale's room, the office, the window, the balcony and the front door are apparently all on the same floor.

Correction: Kale has walked up to the second floor. The front door is of course on the first floor, but everything else is on the second floor.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kale is looking at Mr. Turner though the fence and Mr. Turner picks up the rabbit from his garden, you can see the cage he takes it out of.

Correction: Exactly. He had rabbit traps in his garden and was removing the latest catch to dispose of it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kale is sitting at home and eating the chocolate covered peanut-butter, he is watching an episode of Cheaters. The TV shows a woman confronting another and the announcer is saying something, but when they have a close up of the TV about 10 to 15 seconds later, they show the exact same footage again, but with different audio.

Correction: I've watched Cheaters many times and that's exactly what they do. They'll show a clip of what's to come (with different audio) right before they go to a break. Then when they come back they show the actual footage.

Jason Hoffman

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