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Corrected entry: Banshee shouldn't be able to fly, or even glide, while he carries Havok off the battleship.

Correction: What evidence is there that he can't? Part of his mutant ability is the power to fly/glide while carrying one passenger.


Flight is not his inherent power. He can achieve flight using his sonic powers in conjunction with the "wings" in his suit, but he needs both hands/wings to fly. Havok should have jumped on Banshee's back instead of dangling by the hand, effectively disabling one of the wings.

I never said flight was one of his inherent abilities. He doesn't need both hands to fly, all he needs to do is catch supersonic sound waves at the correct angle, and he has the ability to do this while carrying one passenger.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, Shaw gives young Erik a coin. This coin is a 5 mark Nazi coin dated 1934, yet the coin was only produced from 1936-1939.

Correction: The coins were produced from 1934 - 1939.

Corrected entry: When Magneto lifts the submarine, he is the point from which the submarine hangs. But Magneto is hanging from the jet, so basically, that is carrying the submarine. And there is no way a jet, even one that powerful, can lift a submarine in mid-air.


Correction: You're misunderstanding how Magneto's power works. If his body were the anchor, he would not be able to ride pieces of metal that he levitates; that would be like trying to pick yourself up by your belt loops. It's his power alone, not his body, that supports the objects he manipulates.


Corrected entry: During the scene with the SR-71 Blackbird, while Erik is on the wheel assembly, Professor X yells 'Hank take my hand' several times. Hank is flying the plane. Erik is the one he is trying to save from falling.

Good Job!

Correction: He says Erik. Xavier's accent and the noise surrounding the scene just make it sound like he is saying Hank.


Phaneron is correct. Xavier does say "Erik." You can hear the difference, especially in the end sound where you can hear the "ik" sound instead of "ŋk" sound he makes when saying Hank's name (like he did a few minutes earlier in the scene).


He definitely says Hank. It's not even close to Erik, he's been saying Erik the whole movie and it has never sounded different due to his accent.

I just watched this scene on YouTube and he unequivocally says "Erik." You can even see his mouth move when he says the second syllable, whereas "Hank" is a one-syllable word and would not require moving the mouth mid-word.


It also becomes more obvious that he is saying "Erik" when the YouTube clip is played at slower speeds.


Corrected entry: In Argentina, the bar scene. For the first shots of the scenario Erik does not have his Jewish I.D. Code on his arm, but in a later scene he shows his numbers to the "Pig Farmer" and Tailor.

Correction: You can't see the tattoo for the first scenes, it's turned away from the camera and the other don't notice it. The scenes are all shot with him having the tattoo on his arm.


Corrected entry: Hank McCoy, for some reason, created Cerebro with the precise abilities to amplify Charles' powers and allow Charles to use it to locate other mutants, even though Hank would have had no idea that anyone could use the machine... It was even mentioned that the machine was pretty much useless without Charles.


Correction: It was built for a telepath, someone like Charles. They knew there were telepaths around so they built a machine but the machine needs a powerful telepath. Only Charles is powerful enough to use it.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Erik confronts Shaw on the boat, Emma's hairstyle changes from being down to being in a half updo right after Shaw chastises her for harming their own kind. (00:32:25)

Correction: Her hair becomes down when in diamond form but before and after it is in a half updo.

Corrected entry: Hank McCoy transforms into his beast form in X-Men First Class. However, in X-Men 2 when Mystique meets the guard in the bar, Hank McCoy, without fur, is speaking on a live talk show on a TV in the background.

Correction: Explained in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Hank devised a serum which enables him to revert to his human form temporarily.

Corrected entry: When Banshee is showing off his power in one shot of the movie he destroys the window. In the other scene at the CIA center two of the guards are picking on Beast and he closes the blinds at the window.

Correction: It shows two areas that are identical. They moved to the other area where the window is still intact and there is no statue in the background.

Corrected entry: When Erik is destroying Shaw's yacht with its own anchor, in the shots of the chain slicing the top half of the boat, the chain exerts a forward force on the yacht, but the boat is stationary. This is impossible considering it is floating in water and the slightest nudge would make the yacht move.

Correction: The yacht has a lot of mass and therefore a lot of stationary inertia. The water also creates a significant amount of resistance against the hull. As long as the amount of energy needed for the chain to slice through the yacht is less than the amount of energy needed to move the yacht, the yacht would remain stationary during the attack. Especially if Erik is holding the yacht still with his powers in order to make his attack more effective. If you think "the slightest nudge" is all that's required to make a boat that size glide through the water, I invite you to visit your nearest marina and just try shoving a few boats around.


Corrected entry: In the movie when Xavier is using CEREBRO for the first time keep an eye out and you can briefly see young versions of Storm (girl with white hair) and Cyclops (boy with soccer ball and dark sunglasses).

Correction: Not likely. The film is set in 1962. If those characters were intended to be Storm and Cyclops, they would be in their mid-40s in 2000, which is when the first X-men film was set. More likely is that they were simply generic mutant children.

Corrected entry: Emma Frost can turn into diamond, which is the hardest material in the world, yet the Erik is able to use the bedpost, most likely made out of a soft metal, to both strangle and starting to crack her neck.

Correction: You're confusing "hardness" and "toughness", I'm afraid. Diamond may be the hardest material on Earth, but it's not actually that tough, in fact it's extremely brittle. If you wanted to scratch diamond, true, metal would be pretty much useless, as it's not hard enough, but if all you wanted to do is break a diamond, a good whack with a hammer will do the trick. A piece of metal, particularly one backed up by Magneto's powerful ability to manipulate such objects, would be readily able to apply enough pressure to make a few cracks.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Erik is in the bar in Argentina, after the fight starts the bartender says "Oye, cabron". From his accent it's obvious that he's supposed to be a native Argentinian, but the word "cabron" is never used in the Argentinian dialect - it's mostly used in Mexico and Spain.

Correction: This doesn't mean a person in Argentina cannot use that word. I know some American people that like to say "scheisse" even though it is a German word.


Correction: Apparently, they patched up their differences in the time in between the two scenes (as they have done, several times, in the comic books). Magneto would not necessarily feel the need to shield himself from Xavier when they are working together. In addition, it would attract all kinds of unwanted attention to walk around with that helmet on.


Corrected entry: Xavier and Magneto attempt to recruit Wolverine but, in the first X-Men movie Xavier has no prior knowledge of Wolverine, despite the fact that it is in the future.

Correction: Xavier apparently knew of Wolverine in the first X-Men movie but chose not to say anything about their meeting in 1962. He knows that Wolverine is very distrustful of anyone from the time before he lost his memory; telling Logan that they had met sometime in the past would only raise suspicions.


Correction: The first film takes place roughly 40 years after this film in the original timeline. It's not unreasonable for Xavier to forget about someone he met once very briefly in that span.


Corrected entry: The scene at the beginning is set at a German concentration camp in occupied Poland in 1944 (as annotated). Scientist Sebastian Shaw, who has observed Erik bending the metal gate through a window, calls the boy up to see him. On entering Shaw's office, the song "Non, je ne regrette rien" is playing. The song was written in 1956 and recorded by Edith Piaf in 1960.

Correction: The song playing in the doctor's office is actually "La Vie En Rose." This song wasn't popularized until 1946, so it's doubtful it would have been playing at that moment.

Correction: Hank McCoy invents, designs and builds the first prototype we see in the CIA base. The one under Xavier's mansion is clearly a different one. There's no reason Magneto couldn't have helped them [both Beast and the Professor] build that version during his stay in the mansion or even years later. Especially since he has powers which would come in very handy when manipulating large steel panels.


Corrected entry: Eric manages to move a large satellite dish a few miles away, yet in X2, while in the plastic prison there's plenty of metal within that sort of range.

Correction: But nothing in visual range when he's in the plastic cell; he needs to see the item he's moving in order to manipulate it - or be extremely close to it in order to sense it. He couldn't sense the overload of iron in the guard's blood (X2) until the guard was standing right next to him.


Corrected entry: The televised newcast in the 60's is being transmitted to Shaw's submarine in pristine, practically HD quality.


Correction: Despite what you've obviously heard CinimaSins say about it in their recent YouTube video "Everything Wrong with X-Men: First Class In 8 Minutes or Less", there is nothing at all anachronistic with Shaw's TV reception. Nothing about it actually suggests HD quality in the first place and, considering it's military-grade technology just a few years before we received excellent footage all the way from the moon, there's no reason at all the reception shouldn't be perfectly clear on a submarine.


Corrected entry: Moira McTaggert, who has NO mutant powers to prevent her aging, is shown to be in her 30s in this movie set in the 60s. The X-Trilogy is set in the 2000s according to the novelization. That's a gap of 50 years, so Moira should be in her 70s in the trilogy. Yet, when we see her in X-Men 3, she's barely pushing 40.


Correction: First, she's never stated to be in her 30's in First Class. She could very well be in her 20's. Second, she's never stated to be in her 40's in X3, she could be much older, having merely aged gracefully. Finally, the novelization is not movie canon. It's a separate medium.


Factual error: Erik arrives in Argentina at a place called Villa Gesell, shown to be a town in middle of mountains. Villa Gesell is a beach town on the Atlantic Ocean coast, with no mountains.

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Answer: It is shown in X-Men: Days of Future Past that Hank made a serum that can help him walk.

Chosen answer: The short answer is events in this film negate what happened in X-Men 3 as well as Origins: Wolverine or one could say this film essentially became a reboot. Since no real answer seems to be given, and since the X-Men 3 film makers didn't know Charles would later be shown to become paralyzed prior to visiting Jean, they had no need to explain why he's walking. One can only speculate on the possible ways Charles walks in these 2 previous movies (and this isn't taking into account the timeline shift from X-Men Days of Future Past). We do know from DOFP that Hank/Beast created a serum for Charles that allowed him to walk, albeit without his powers. Hank could have kept working on this serum which would allow Charles to walk and still maintain some of his powers. Then at some point Charles stopped taking the serum, confining him to the wheelchair once again. Either because they ran out of the serum or because Charles came to the realization he needs to accept what happened and not hide it, especially if he's teaching children to accept who they are. Charles also has the power of "astral projection" and the power to appear in the minds of others, so Charles could simply not be there at Jean's house, but is back home, in his wheelchair.


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