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Ali Baba Bunny picture

Genie: Duck, you have desecrated the spirit of the lamp! Prepare to take the consequences.
Daffy Duck: Consequences, shmonsequences, as long as I'm rich.

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Rio 2 picture

Jewel: We are not people, we're birds. We have to get out into the wild and be birds, Blu.

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Stage Door Cartoon picture

Bugs Bunny: I'll do it, but I'll probably hate myself in the morning.

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Son of Batman picture

Damian Wayne: Is this what you wore in training?
Dick Grayson: It's what I wore when I went on patrol.
Damian Wayne: The only thing that's missing is lace trim and a sun hat.
Dick Grayson: You don't fool me. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you could be Robin. Well, you can't.
Damian Wayne: I don't need some insipid costume and a bird name. I'm way beyond your kind of simplistic training. As you saw tonight.
Dick Grayson: Don't forget, you lost that fight.

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The Nutcracker Prince picture

Mouseking: If you think your nephew, Hans, is ugly now wait till I turn him into a pile of splinters.

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The Book of Life picture

Goth Kid: What's with Mexicans and death.

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Penguins of Madagascar picture

Skipper: Leopard seals! Nature's snakes.
Kowalski: Aren't snakes nature's snakes?
Skipper: How should I know? I live on a flippin' frozen tundra.

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Bugs and Thugs picture

Rocky: Stop right there, rabbit! How much do you know?
Bugs Bunny: Who, me? Oh, I know uh lotsa things! Two and two is four, Carson City is the capital of Nevada, uh, George Washington was the first president.
Rocky: CUT IT! This guy knows too much, Mugsy.

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water picture

Squidward Tentacles: You know what this needs? Some interpretive dance.

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Fun & Fancy Free picture

Edgar Bergen: To think that this was once Happy Valley.
Charlie McCarthy: Now it's Gruesome Gulch.
Edgar Bergen: Days pass, weeks pass.
Charlie McCarthy: I pass. You deal.

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Frozen Fever picture

Olaf: I can't read... or spell.

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Fire and Ice picture

Teegra: Nekron, you're a great power in the world. You have all that any man ever wants or needed... and yet you despair. For there is one thing you lack - one gift that only you can bestow between our people. Peace. This is the gift that heals the heart of the giver. Nekron, I extend my hand in friendship. I offer peace between our people. Will you not take my hand? Will you not call me friend?
Nekron: Woman, I spit on peace. I spit on you.

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Sausage Party picture

Druggie: You're all alive and looking at me with your... with your gloves and your... your little shoes, and your arms and your legs.
Pizza: Legs, huh? Look at me! Look at me! I ain't got no legs, you fuck! You ate my goddamn legs.

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Angry Birds picture

Judge Peckinpah: Mr. Red! What do we do now?
Red: Wait... You're asking me?
Judge Peckinpah: You tried to tell us but we didn't listen. I didn't listen.

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The Secret Life of Pets picture

Max: Maybe the legend of dogs coming from wolves is jus... is just wrong. Maybe, like, maybe one puppy asked his mom, "Where did we come from?" And the mom said "Woof." And the kid was like, "Oh wolves?" And she was like, "Yeah, fine."

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Ice Age: Collision Course picture

Eddie: We have superpowers.

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The Lord of the Rings picture

Merry: Mind yourself, we're supposed to be escaping in secret.
Pippin: Mind yourself, don't get lost.

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Rabbit Rampage picture

Bugs Bunny: Brother. What a Leonardo da Punchy. What a Too-Lousy Lautrec.

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My Little Pony: The Movie picture

Tempest Shadow: All this power, wasted on parties, when there are far greater uses.

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Yellow Submarine picture

Paul: What's the matter fellows? Blue Meanies?

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