Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
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Dave: All right, Ian get everyone to the raft. If the volcano blows before I make it out of here, you have to promise me you'll-.
Ian: Leave without you. Got it.

Brittany: Of course. That's why the water was so hot. It's being heated by an underground magma chamber.
Alvin: How do you know that?
Brittany: I have no idea the place where I get my nails done always has the science channel on maybe I accidentally paid attention.

Alvin: We're alive! We're alive.
Brittany: Good, 'cause now I'm going to kill you.

Brittany: Since I'm not the pretty one anymore, maybe I should build a shelter too.
Alvin: Yeah, good luck with that.
Brittany: You think I can't do it?
Alvin: Hey, I didn't say that, Brit. I thought it, but I didn't say it.

Continuity mistake: When Alvin is making the big SOS sign, one shot shows the whole beach and Simon and Theodore are in the middle of the big letter O. In the next shot, they are at the O's edge.

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