Mickey's Christmas Carol

Continuity mistake: When Scrooge walks into the Cratchit home at the end, there is a "Home Sweet Home" plaque on the wall. The shot then cuts away from it. The next time the plaque is visible, its lettering has changed.

Continuity mistake: When Scrooge wakes on Christmas morning, he puts his foot through his hat. It has a huge hole in the top when he leaves home, but when he puts it on Tiny Tim's head, it's undamaged.

Continuity mistake: When Scrooge arrives at the home of Bob Cratchit, you can see there is an "X" at the bottom of the front door. But in a long overhead shot of Scrooge discovering that the Ghost of Christmas Present is gone, the "X" is missing.

Continuity mistake: When Scrooge opens the door to the Counting House, you can see that there is a bell by the door, but when we see Scrooge entering the Counting House in the next shot, the bell has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: After Scrooge wakes up from the Ghost of Christmas Future, he tries to find a way out of the bed curtain and you can see that there is no curtain behind him, but in the next shot one suddenly appears.

Continuity mistake: When Jiminy Cricket (The Ghost of Christmas Past) jumps on to Scrooge's bedside table, the time on the alarm clock reads 2:00. In the next shot, when the curtains move and Scrooge hears the dinging, the time reads 1:00, and when we return to Jiminy Cricket in the next shot, the time reads 2:00.

Scrooge: An-and that shy lad in the corner, that's me.
Ghost of Christmas Past: Yes, that was before you became a miserable miser, consumed by greed.
Scrooge: Well, nobody's perfect. And there-there's lovely Isabelle.

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Trivia: Minnie Mouse doesn't have a single line of dialogue in the film.

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