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Mr. Peabody & Sherman picture

Taxi Driver: Hey, Einstein, it's a red light.
Albert Einstein: Hey, I'm walking here.

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Barbie as Rapunzel picture

Gothel: Rapunzel, you and your friends won't live to see the next sunrise.

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I Haven't Got a Hat picture

Porky Pig: Listen, my children, and you shall hear 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere'.

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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses picture

Hadley: Could you please.
Isla: ...tighten our shoes?

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The Nutcracker Prince picture

Mouseking: My tail! My precious, precious tail.

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The Boxtrolls picture

Mr. Pickles: We're exterminators! Of justice.
Mr. Gristle: We exterminate justice.

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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks picture

Maud Pie: Boulder was hungry.

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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse picture

Big Barda: When I said drop in anytime, this isn't quite what I pictured.
Wonder Woman: Hello, Barda.
Big Barda: Diana. You didn't leave, like, an invisible plane in the driveway, right?

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Fun & Fancy Free picture

Edgar Bergen: Are you listening, Mortimer?
Mortimer Snerd: Uh... Happy Valley?
Edgar Bergen: That's right, yes. Now, just try to imagine it. Can't you just close your eyes and see it?
Mortimer Snerd: Well, I can't see very good with my eyes closed. My eyelids get in the way.
Edgar Bergen: Well, you create a picture in your mind's eye.
Mortimer Snerd: Oh.
Charlie McCarthy: That's not easy for him. His mind gets in the way.

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Hotel Transylvania 2 picture

Murray: Please don't kill me.
Vlad: Talking toilet paper... well that's a new one.

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Frosty the Snowman picture

The Magician: Now, give me that hat, or else.
Frosty: Or else - what?
The Magician: Oh... well, don't bother me with details. Give me that hat.

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Yosemite Sam: I smell carrots a-cooking, and where there's carrots, there's rabbits.

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Sausage Party picture

Gum: I am sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, mannitol, calcium, carbonite, soy lecithin, vegetable, triglyceride and talc. But, for expediency's sake. You can call me... Gum.

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Angry Birds picture

Chef Pig: Things are looking sunny side up.

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The Secret Life of Pets picture

Snowball: Death is coming to Brooklyn. And it's got buck teeth and a cotton tail.

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Kubo and the Two Strings picture

Beetle: Stealth is my middle name.
Monkey: You don't even have a first name.

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Trolls picture

Branch: My name is Branch and I am a troll. Why do I live in a heavily fortified survival bunker? Because right outside my door lurks a nightmare named Poppy. Poppy is the leader of the trolls, and it's not her fault she's so insanely happy. She's just never faced a real problem until now.

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Monster Trucks picture

Sheriff Rick: You be careful, son.
Tripp: Rick. I'm sorry I said all those terrible things about you,.
Sheriff Rick: Wait. What?

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Batman: The Killing Joke picture

Bruce Wayne: You're not like I am Barbara, it's still a game for you, still a thrill. I'm gonna ask you politely, one last time. Where is he?

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My Little Pony: The Movie picture

Twilight Sparkle: Celestia told Luna to find the Queen of the... "Hippos." Luna can't, so I have to.
Rainbow Dash: Uh, hippos? Seriously?
Pinkie Pie: I've heard they're surprisingly graceful for their size. Huh, but they're always hungry.
Spike: Hungry?
Applejack: Hippos?

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