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Wreck-It Ralph picture

Vanellope von Schweetz: As your merciful princess I hereby decree that everyone who was ever mean to me shall be...executed.
Crowd of girls: What?!
Sergeant Calhoun: Well, this place just got interesting.

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift picture

Peaches: So tell me, when exactly will I be allowed to hang out with boys?
Manny: When I'm dead. Plus three days, just to make sure I'm dead.

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Brave picture

Princess Merida: I want my freedom!
Queen Elinor: But are you willing to pay the price your freedom will cost?

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Hotel Transylvania picture

Jonathan: Are these monsters gonna kill me?
Dracula: Not as long as they think you're a monster.
Jonathan: That's kinda racist.

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Rise of the Guardians picture

North: A child who believes. And good or bad. Naughty or nice. We protect them.

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The Lorax picture

Once-ler: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You wouldn't hit a woman.
The Lorax: Hoo! That's a woman?

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ParaNorman picture

Perry Babcock: I wish I understood you.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 picture

Alfred Pennyworth: Master Bruce. You set off the alarm, sir. This somnambulism is becoming a problem especially for those of us with a penchant for sleeping at night.

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Frankenweenie picture

Mr. Rzykruski: Back home, everyone is scientist. Even my plumber wins Nobel Prize. Your country does not make enough scientist. Always needs more. You should be a scientist, Victor.

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Foodfight! picture

Vlad Chocool: I am the undead. Alright? The undead, you-you're not dead, but you're not exactly living either. It's sorta like being in summer school.

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The Pirates! Band of Misfits picture

Pirate Captain: Avast! I'm a pirate captain, and I'm here for your gold!
Sailor: Gold? Afraid we don't have any gold, old man. This is a leper boat. [His arm falls off.] See?

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted picture

Alex: What are you doing? Zebras can't drive. Only penguins and people can drive!

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TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings picture

Vidia: So, there is another you?

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