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The Shield (2002)

2 mistakes in Safe

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Safe - S3-E7

Continuity mistake: Claudette and Dutch are questioning a man in a leather jacket about his involvement in a meth lab. Claudette passes the man a photo, he doesn't recognise the girl, tosses it back across the table and Claudette reaches for it with her right hand. The shot changes and now the photo is in Claudette's left hand as she sets it down.



Safe - S3-E7

Continuity mistake: Aceveda and Vic are interrogating a man about the 'Narco Corrido' murders. Aceveda pushes the man into the corner of the room and begins to kick him. He get about six good kicks in before Vic diffuses the situation. After, Aceveda storms out of The Barn in anger, and Vic views the recording from the interrogation room. The footage is inconsistent as to what transpired earlier, in fact it is an entirely different take. Aceveda only manages about two kicks before Vic says "Enough, enough" - this and the rest of the dialogue is also conflicting.



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