Columbo (1971)

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Starring: Peter Falk

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Agenda for Murder - S9-E3

Other mistake: In the home of a murder victim, Columbo presses the telephone's "redial" button to see who was called most recently. A seven-digit number is displayed but only six beeps are heard as the number is redialed. Later, attorney Oscar Finch places a call by dialing only five numbers.

A Deadly State of Mind - S4-E6

Other mistake: Right before Columbo tricks Doctor Collier into incriminating himself, he places Collier under arrest, even showing him the warrant. At no time does Columbo inform Collier of his Miranda Rights; meaning that Collier's self-incriminating statements would not be admissible in court. Although the series typically features Columbo cornering the culprit in a way that is unlikely to hold up in court; this particular example stands out as Columbo has torpedoed his own case. If he had not placed Collier under arrest and let him incriminate himself then the statements (in front of witnesses) would be admissible as evidence.

A Trace of Murder - S13-E2

Other mistake: Kingsley doesn't know if his victim is married or unmarried, whether or not he has children, if he has a maid, but he brings a hand vacuum and empty vial to the murder to collect cat hair from the victim's cat to plant on Clifford's jacket.

√Čtude in Black - S2-E1

Other mistake: When Benedict puts his briefcase in the back of the Jaguar, the hatch does not close properly. It is still not closed properly when he picks up the car from the repair shop.


Butterfly in Shades of Grey - S12-E2

Other mistake: Fielding Chase and Lieutenant Columbo are on a road in the mountains above Malibu and Chase's car will not start. He tries unsuccessfully to call the Automobile Club on his mobile phone. He tells Columbo the phone number is "555-4411" but each time he tries to call, he presses nine digits.

Troubled Waters - S4-E4

Other mistake: When Rosanna's body is brought to the ship's medical room, the doctor confirms that there are no bruises on the body, but she had been forcibly slapped in the face earlier that day by Mr Danzinger (Robert Vaughn). The slap was hard enough to knock her over therefore a bruise should be visible, even through make-up.

Mind Over Mayhem - S3-E6

Other mistake: Over a public address system, Cahill tells his staff to quit working on their World War III scenarios until "after lunch." He immediately returns to his office and the wall clock shows the time as 4:30.

Steven Lee

No Time to Die - S11-E2

Other mistake: When Melissa sends Andy to have a shower we see that there are several sets of clothing in the closet. We see them again in her flashback when she awakes after being kidnapped. They have just arrived in the Bridal (Empire) Suite, and are leaving very early the next morning for their honeymoon. Why would those clothes be in the closet?


The Conspirators - S7-E5

Factual error: Devlin proclaims himself to be a staunch Irish Republican but he refers to the Northern Irish city of Derry as "Londonderry." This is the name imposed upon the place by the British and is despised and rejected by Republicans. Devlin would refer to the city as "Derry."

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Columbo: Oh, I didn't come to ask any more questions. I came to arrest you.

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Answer: "Apparent" drowning answers your question - things are not always as they seem. Drowning could be accidental, but it could also be a murder in disguise. Moreover, the actual cause of death has not yet been determined - accident, suicide, murder, or natural cause (e.g, heart attack while swimming). Columbo would be there to investigate if anything looks unusual for it to be a mere drowning or if there is evidence or suspicion of something else.


This was just on's "Aaron Carter Dead at 34" (11/05/2022): "Law enforcement sources tell TMZ... homicide detectives have been dispatched to the scene but we have no information or evidence of foul play. It's standard operating procedure for homicide detectives to investigate such [drowning] death scenes."


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