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Fire and Blood - S1-E10

Trivia: One of the severed heads on a spike is that of former president George W. Bush. Before shooting the scene, George RR Martin asked writers and producers David Benioff and D.B.Weis to have a cast of their 3 heads to be put on the spikes, but for budget reasons they opted to get a box from HBO's warehouse with used severed heads. They noted that one was Bush's, but they put a wig on it and got away with nobody noticing. In the Blu-Ray commentary the producers revealed the story, and got a lot of criticism from the right.


A Golden Crown - S1-E6

Trivia: The horse heart that Daenerys eats was actually made of gelatin, and genuinely tasted dreadful - her physical revulsion at eating it is real. It had dyed pasta to simulate veins, and was injected with fake sugary blood, which attracted flies. The blood was so sticky and ended up covering Emilia Clarke to such an extent that after filming it glued her to the toilet seat.

Jon Sandys

The Bells - S8-E5

Trivia: After the destruction of King's Landing, the white horse that Arya finds is the very same white horse that belonged to Strickland, the leader of the Golden Company. Note the horse's identical muzzle markings. (00:32:25 - 01:18:10)

Super Grover

Trivia: Daniel Portman, who played Podrick Payne, is the son of Ron Donachie, who played Ser Rodrik Cassel.


Trivia: Although he plays the younger brother, in real life Rory McCann is older than all three actors who played Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane. He is even older than The Mountain's most tenured actor, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, by more than 19 years.


Trivia: The map of Westeros looks remarkably similar to England stacked on top of an upside-down Ireland.


Trivia: Although he plays the eldest Baratheon brother Robert, in real life, Mark Addy is nearly 8 years younger than Stephen Dillane, who plays the middle brother, Stannis. Additionally, the real-life age gap between Dillane and Gethin Anthony, who plays the youngest brother, Renly, is more than 26 years.


The Kingsroad - S1-E2

Trivia: Although they are the show's two top-billed actors, the shot just before Ned Stark and Jon Snow part ways as the former heads to King's Landing and the latter heads to Castle Black is the only shot of the entire series where Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage are on screen together. (00:21:25)


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Season 1 generally

Question: After watching the show and reading the first book, I can't figure out why people hate Jaime for killing King Aerys. Aerys is referred to as the "Mad King" and more than one person talks about his sick deeds. Even Ned doesn't seem to approve of Jaime's actions, yet Aerys killed his father and brother. Even if Jaime did have a duty to guard the king, didn't he actually do everyone a favor by killing Aerys?

Answer: Basically it's because he broke his vow. A member of the Kingsguard is sworn to protect the king at all costs. Jaime elaborates more on the deed to both Catelyn Stark and Brienne of Tarth, telling Catelyn that no matter what course of action he took, he would be breaking one vow or another (i.e. if he obeyed the king, he would conversely be disobeying his own father), and telling Brienne that the Mad King was planning on burning all of King's Landing, but he did not bother to tell Ned Stark that. Ned Stark felt that killing Aerys was dishonorable and excessive. Robert Baratheon still could have usurped the throne without Aerys being killed.


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