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4 mistakes in A Golden Crown

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A Golden Crown - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Tyrion wakes up inside the skycell you can see two skylights in the ceiling of the cell through which the sunlight passes. However, when we get a long shot of the skycells, you can see there's no way for the light to pass through them, as there are no "holes" on the floor of the cells above Tyrion's. (00:13:45)


A Golden Crown - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Ser Vardis has cornered Bron right at the edge of the moon door the position of Bron's body changes between shots. When the shot is taken from inside the moondoor, Bron's body leans backwards, over the moondoor. But when the shot is taken from behind the throne Bron is leaning forward.


A Golden Crown - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Bran is taken from his horse in the woods, there are 3 wildlings that attack. The first Rob cuts his throat, the second, Rob is holding the female wildling by the hair, he then spears and kills the third with his sword and the very next frame the 3rd wildling is then holding a knife to Bran's throat, unharmed. (00:11:15)

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Fire and Blood - S1-E10

Trivia: One of the severed heads on a spike is that of former president George W. Bush. Before shooting the scene, George RR Martin asked writers and producers David Benioff and D.B.Weis to have a cast of their 3 heads to be put on the spikes, but for budget reasons they opted to get a box from HBO's warehouse with used severed heads. They noted that one was Bush's, but they put a wig on it and got away with nobody noticing. In the Blu-Ray commentary the producers revealed the story, and got a lot of criticism from the right.


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Season 1 generally

Question: Why is Khal Drogo willing to give Viserys an army in exchange for Daenerys? Until she is almost poisoned, he seems to have no real interest in The Iron Throne or the Targaryen dynasty, considering how she has to beg him to cross the Narrow Sea. Why didn't he just marry a native Dothraki woman?

Answer: This is explained more in the book. Khal Drogo and his bloodriders do intend to help Viserys take the throne, however they do things in their own time. This is what causes Viserys's frustration. In the book, Illyrio Mopatis tells Viserys that he has already waited his entire life to claim The Iron Throne and that waiting a few more years isn't that big of a deal. The Dothraki are a nomadic tribe, which is largely why they have no interest in invading and sacking King's Landing. However, since Khal Drogo eventually grows to love Dany, her assassination attempt by the Westerosi compels him to seek revenge.


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