Tori Goes Platinum - S3-E12

Other mistake: Robbie gives Tori a chocolate leaf-blower as a present to cheer her up. Then when Robbie leaves to go join Cat at the Platinum Music Awards, he supposedly takes his chocolate leaf-blower present with him. But, in the shot where he leaves Tori's house, the bag that the chocolate leaf-blower was in is still on the floor.


How Trina Got In - S3-E11

Other mistake: Robbie and Tori are at Nozu and are asked to call their friends to bring them money to pay for their food. Tori says that she left her phone in her backpack at school but she posts tweets about her being stuck at Nozu. (00:11:00 - 00:17:00)

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Suggested correction: If you read the tweet, Tori says she's using the computer at Nozu. Tori isn't using her phone to tweet.


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