Blue Bloods

Baggage - S5-E11

Character mistake: In this episode, Garrett says that "Nom de Guere" means pen name. It means war name. Nom de Plume means pen name and Garrett is supposed to be an expert in his field.

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The Thin Blue Line - S7-E22

Visible crew/equipment: When Danny and Baez are at the scene of the firebombing while it's raining, in the second shot as they walk toward the eleven body bags, three nylon T-markers (yellow, red, and green) are visible on the wet ground where Baez, Danny, and Molina will be standing in the following shots. (00:02:45)

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Hard Bargain - S7-E16

Visible crew/equipment: After Danny tells Linda all that matters is her brother is alive and her family is safe, when it cuts to the courtroom there's an overhead shot from behind Frank, and the actor's yellow tape mark is visible on the floor at the left side of the screen. (00:34:20)

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In and Out - S7-E14

Visible crew/equipment: While Danny and Baez are hiding in the hall, when Ramirez (parole officer) knocks on Lloyd 's door he gets the gun from under the seat cushion, then as Lloyd starts to walk to the door, the green T-mark is visible on the floor near the right side of the screen. (00:34:20)

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The One That Got Away - S7-E13

Visible crew/equipment: After Eddie tells Jamie that she wanted Josh to swoon over her like Caroline seems to be doing with Jamie, when it cuts to Erin as she tells Danny that Child Services will likely release the boy to his parents, as Danny says, "Hold on," the green T-mark is visible on the floor. (00:22:30)

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Confessions - S7-E9

Visible crew/equipment: While Frank visits with the Cardinal to tell him about the time sensitive situation, when Frank asks about St. Mary's surveillance cameras as they both sit down, the small green T-mark is visible on the rug under the Cardinal's chair. (00:23:40)

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The Greater Good - S7-E1

Continuity mistake: As the couple with their two children are walking down the street, the daughter, Sophie, is holding latex helium balloons which are the transparent type, but after she and her mother are struck by the reckless drunk driver, when the balloons float away they are the opaque type. (00:04:25)

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Flags of Our Fathers - S6-E11

Visible crew/equipment: When Danny gets off the phone he tells Baez that a Port Authority cop has detained their guy, and at the start of the next shot facing Baez, the reflections of the moving boom pole/mic and the boom operator are visible on the glass, at the right side of the screen. (00:02:20)

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Power of the Press - S5-E8

Continuity mistake: In the first two shots of the family dinner Henry is holding his fork up in his left hand, but in the third shot from behind him (facing the family) his raised left hand is empty with his fork lying across the plate, then it's back up in his hand in the fourth shot. (00:21:10)

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Justice Served - S4-E8

Continuity mistake: When Frank goes to see Gallo at the hospital after the lawyer's arraignment, Frank drops a deck of cards on the bedside table beside the bottle of whiskey, but the bottle has vanished in the next shot. (00:41:00)

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Higher Education - S3-E8

Continuity mistake: At the start of the episode, when Frank opens/closes the refrigerator door we see the door's layout, and the door bin cover is under the top shelf compartment. As he makes himself the sandwich Erin and Nicky walk in, and when Nicky opens the fridge door it's an entirely different interior style with the door bin cover at the top.

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Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Trivia: In episode 1x1 "Pilot" the last scene was filmed at Brooklyn's American Veterans Memorial Pier, at Bay Ridge Ave aka 69th St, in Bay Ridge (right off the Belt). The location and design of this pier is quite distinctive.

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Show generally

Question: What is the green and white striped American looking flag in the commissioner's office?

Answer: It's the New York Police Department flag, created in 1919. The stripes represent the 5 boroughs and the stars the different towns that made up New York (including New York City itself).


What about the other flag that is not the U.S. flag?

Please be more specific. Are you talking about the New York City flag?


It is the Iowa State flag. At least in the episode from 1/22/21.

It wouldn't be the Iowa State flag. Plus the Iowa State flag is blue, white, and red. The flag I think they're talking about is blue, white, and orange.


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