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Blue Bloods (2010)

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4Officer Down0
5What You See0
6Smack Attack0
10After Hours0
11Little Fish0
12Family Ties0
13Hall of Mirrors0
14My Funny Valentine0
16Age of Innocence0
17Silver Star0
18To Tell The Truth0
19Model Behavior1
20All That Glitters0
21Cellar Boy0
22The Blue Templar0
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Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Trivia: In episode 1x1 "Pilot" the last scene was filmed at Brooklyn's American Veterans Memorial Pier, at Bay Ridge Ave aka 69th St. The location and design of this pier is distinctive and also sentimental (particularly to older Brooklynites).

Super Grover Premium member

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Show generally

Question: Why why does Danny always yell, "hey!" When he's is a half a block from the perpetrators which gives the perpetrators 1/2 block head start running from Danny. Why doesn't he wait until he's close to him and he wouldn't have to chase him so far?

Answer: It's a common cop show plot device. If the police on the show always acted in the most logical way (i.e. not alerting a suspect to their presence) the show wouldn't have the opportunity for an exciting foot chase.

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