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Corrected entry: The New York City Police Commissioner wears a four star rank insignia on his collars, badge and lapel pin. The actual insignia worn by the police commissioner is five stars.

Correction: The Commissioner is not a sworn police officer and wears no insignia. The four stars worn by both Frank and Henry Reagan reference their final positions as sworn police officers prior to being appointed Commissioner. As such, they are entitled to wear their final rank of insignia, which in both cases, was Chief of the Department, which is four stars. If one or the other had been appointed Commissioner at the time they were a two star Assistant Chief, then two stars is what they would wear on their dress blues.

Unfinished Business - S4-E13

Corrected entry: Grandpa says his dad was able to get a job as a cop when he got to America in 1910 because he had been in the Royal Air Force in WW I. However, WW I did not start until mid 1914. (00:08:00 - 00:09:00)


Correction: He's talking about 2 different things. He's said when his father first got here in 1910 no-one liked the Irish. Then his father got a job as a cop because he was a soldier in WWI. There's no mention that his dad was a WWI soldier in 1910.


You're incorrect - go back and listen again.


Henry never said his dad got a job as a cop in 1910, which is the whole premise of your mistake. The correction is valid.


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The Uniform - S2-E11

Character mistake: While handcuffing an auxiliary officer in his apartment, there is a poster on the wall reading, "attention military personal..." Personal is misused. It should read "attention military personnel." (00:16:02)

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Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Trivia: In episode 1x1 "Pilot" the last scene was filmed at Brooklyn's American Veterans Memorial Pier, at Bay Ridge Ave aka 69th St. The location and design of this pier is distinctive and also sentimental (particularly to older Brooklynites).

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Answer: It is the lapel pin worn by members of the NYPD Honor Legion.

The lapel pin is on Danny but not Biaz, why? Also, Baker, Sid, Frank &Garrett wear one. Significance? Are they all the same?

But why would the mayor wear one?

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