Hogan's Heroes

The Kommandant Dies at Dawn - S5-E6

Trivia: This is not really a plot hole but more of a plot device: The episode revolves around using the unsuspecting Klink as a courier by hiding secret information in his belt. This episode however is the only time in the series Klink wears a belt on his coat. In all other episodes, he doesn't wear one.

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Get Fit or Go Fight - S5-E16

Trivia: In the gym, Carter isn't wearing his gloves. Therefore, the wedding ring that Larry Hovis wore in real life was visible. He wore the gloves because he steadfastly refused to remove it.

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One Army at a Time - S5-E20

Trivia: The bridge the boys wire up for explosion is the same one seen in S5: Ep1 "Hogan Goes Hollywood"

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The Klink Commandos - S5-E3

Trivia: The idea was for the series was to always be winter, so that the episodes could be shown in any order, hence the reason there is always snow on the roofs and ground, and frost on the windows. In fact, the filming was mainly done in summer, with temperatures in the 90s, and the actors had to wear their coats, and act as if it were cold.

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How's the Weather? - S5-E15

Trivia: As Schultz comes out of the NCO club, look at the front of the building. It looks remarkably like the building used for Klink's quarters and the office, just simply done with a minor re-dress.

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The Defector - S5-E10

Trivia: Field Marshall Richter's car is a Rolls Royce. It can be determined first from the radiator. It has the base for the famous flying lady, but she is missing. Second, there is a rectangle on the face of the radiator that appeared to have once had the Rolls Royce logo plaque. Also, the body style and the small trunk with the small top-mounted access panel are suggestive of the Rolls Royce.

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Man's Best Friend Is Not His Dog - S4-E6

Revealing mistake: As Schultz holds Newkirk's hat during the search, you can see "Dawson" written on the inside band. This was to insure that Richard Dawson (Newkirk) always had the right wardrobe pieces.

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Hold That Tiger - S1-E2

Schultz: [To Hogan about Newkirk in a Gestapo uniform] I must report this. It would be worth my life if I do not report this.
Hogan: It's only until tomorrow. He's gonna take it off again.
Schultz: Aahhh.
Hogan: After he steals the tank...
Schultz: Ohh?
Hogan: from the Panzer division...
Schultz: Ohhh?
Hogan: and brings it here into the barracks.
Schultz: Oh, I see nothing, I was not even here, I did not even get up this morning.

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