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The Mentalist (2008)

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The Mentalist mistake picture

Red Hair and Silver Tape - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When Jane speaks to the owners of the restaurant, the female owner is writing something and also has a drink. She takes the drink with the pen in the same hand. When the shots changes, the pen is no longer in her hand. The shot goes back to the original position and the pen appears again.


The Mentalist mistake picture

Red Hair and Silver Tape - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: After examining Melanie's body but before jumping out of the ditch, Lisbon takes off the rubber glove from her right hand. In the next shot, the glove is back on.



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Kimball Cho: What do you need?
Patrick Jane: Backup.
Kimball Cho: I don't like it when you say you need backup and nothing's happened yet.



Any time FBI agents enter Mexico, they are always armed. Mexican law prohibits U.S. Agents from bringing weapons into Mexico.



The lakeside cabin Jane bought was shot on location at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch. It is called 'Cabin by the Lake'. Http://