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Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The contagion used on Flight 627 was apparently so contagious that every passenger became infected in seconds. However, when John is infected with the contagion, Olivia, Peter, Walter, and the other doctors are able to tend to to him without getting infected.

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Correction: Actually, they stated that they had lowered the guy's body temperature enough to make the infection spread really slowly, so if the characters were in the room with him, they wouldn't be affected if the infection could only travel so fast.

Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The 'German language', which the people on the plane at the beginning speak, sounds very much like the actors come from Eastern Europe. The old couple and the flight attendant speak German with a heavy accent. The flight captain's German is grammatically wrong and also doesn't sound like he is a real German. Are there no unemployed German wannabe-actors in Hollywood? And the Danish guy doesn't even try to speak German when most of the Danish people speak at least a bit of German. He just says "I'm from Denmark". Chances are big he also could have tried to say that in German.

Correction: My dad speaks German. Low German. My stepmother speaks German.but they are completely different dialects and accents. Eastern European German may sound different if the person lived most of their life in East Germany, which had a Soviet occupation for almost 50 years. There's a strong Russian influence on language for Germans from East Germany. Define a 'real' German. "Most" Danes speaking a little bit of German doesn't mean they all do, just as most Canadians aren't bilingual in English and French, even though it's officially a bilingual country.

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Phillip Broyles: Someone out there is experimenting, only the whole world is their lab.



The very ending scene where Peter (in this version died in the ice as a boy so Walter's wife never met him) takes off some of the dust covers then picks up a toy airplane. The toy airplane he got as a child from ... Walter's wife when she was trying to placate him in an earlier episode for trying to run "home". This toy airplane wouldn't have been his as a child in this version of the universe.



Michael Cerveris makes his first significant appearance in this episode as The Observer/Bald Man. However if you watch the series from the beginning, he makes fleeting appearances in every episode, sometimes on a tv screen.