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Correction: That scene takes place in the alternate universe, where the correct spelling is "Manhatan." Several later episodes use the same location name, and there are a few clues that this scene doesn't take place in our "Manhattan, " such as coffee being rare.

Over There: Part 2 - S2-E23

Corrected entry: When they go to the alternate universe (in part 1), they need Olivia (the one from this universe) to open a passage and the others to give her a boost, but when they come back, it's the alternate Olivia that is there, and in the first episode of the third season, they confirm that she doesn't have the ability to open a passage. So they should never have been able to come back with the wrong Olivia. So much of the show is based on "who" can travel between these alternate universes and "how", such a blatant mistake ruins it.

Correction: William Bell provides the energy this time and not alternate Olivia.

Correction: They came back to the "green-verse" with the power from William Bell. That's why Walter and William drove to Cambridge to get the machine from the old lab, they didn't think Olivia had the strength to do it on her own. That's why they were able to take back Faulivia with them. Without Bell they wouldn't have had the power for it to happen.

Show generally

Corrected entry: The girl with pyrokinesis is named Nancy Lewis, as shown in "The Road Not Taken". However, in "Over There", she is referred to as Sally Clark. Even though it's a different actress playing her, it's obviously the same character, as there is no one else with that power and there is no S. Clark on the height chart in Jacksonville.

Brad Premium member

Correction: The two are obviously different characters. Nancy Lewis and Susan Pratt (formerly Lewis) are identical pyrokinetic twins with curly red hair. Sally Clark isn't even somewhat similar looking to the two as she is shorter and has straight blonde hair, and no one references meeting her before. Broyles and Nina were secretly tracking down subjects on their own, and Sally is probably one of them. Simon Phillips from season 3 wasn't on the chart either and was said to be from the Wooster trials, as they said in "Ability" that Jacksonville wasn't the only place where Cortexiphan was tested, so the same is likely true of Sally. The three of them just all happen to be pyrokinetic.

A New Day in the Old Town - S2-E1

Corrected entry: Early in the episode it is shown that the shifter's body changes to meet the victim. However, later in the episode it is shown to create a completely new body, leaving a total of two corpses, not one. (00:01:30 - 00:37:20)

Correction: There are two bodies in the basement, because the shapeshifter killed two people in the hospital: the nurse and Charlie. It hides Charlie's body under the towels (where he likely hid the nurse before) and makes the agents believe that the body of the nurse is the dead shapeshifter. After they've taken her away, he throws Charlie's body into the fire.

The Equation - S1-E8

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ben's father is showing the video of Ben playing the piano, he fast forwards to "Two weeks later", when Ben is composing his own music, but Ben is wearing the same shirt from the start of the video, which was nine months ago.

Brad Premium member

Correction: I don't see the mistake? People have been known wear the same t-shirt, even the same outfit every now and then. I admittedly, once wore the same pair of jeans and my favorite t-shirt for 4 days in a row.


A New Day in the Old Town - S2-E1

Corrected entry: Peter tells Olivia that the Greek phrase she said on waking up was "Na einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera tou" and translates this as "Be a better man than your father." The Greek is grammatically incorrect (it should be "kalyteros anthropos...") and Peter's translation is wrong. The translation of Olivia's phrase is "May he be A Better Human Being than his father." What Peter said is a translation of the Greek phrase "Na eisai kalyteros anthropos apo ton patera sou." (00:37:40 - 00:38:25)


Correction: His mother was making a wish. No one said it directly translates as anything. He says "It means." Referring to its meaning for him personally, to fulfill his mother's wish. Also she may have simply told him as a child a simple meaning for him to relate to. Knowing (Peter's mum) Elizabeth's character from later in the show, that seems very likely in its own right.

Season 5 generally

Corrected entry: SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL SEASON: The main character's plan is to ensure that the Observers were never created. When the plan is executed, time is reset and Peter and Olivia are back in the park with their daughter. Really think this through: If the Observers never existed, September would've never interrupted Walternate when he discovered The Cure for Peter's illness and Walter would've never crossed over to save him, thus Peter and Olivia would've never met in a world with no Observers. But they are together in the reset timeline.

Brad Premium member

Correction: But in a world where the Observers take over in the 21st century, there would never be humans to create the first Observers in the future. The time travel in Fringe does not follow conventional time travel rules, allowing for paradoxes. It was frequently stated that the timeline would reset at the moment of the invasion.

The Same Old Story - S1-E2

Corrected entry: When Dr. Bishop is using the special camera to capture the images on the dead woman's retina, he tells everyone to put on their goggles to protect them from the flashes. Once they find the image they need, everyone takes off their goggles, yet the camera is still flashing, and there are no ill effects.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Once they find the image they need, they are not looking directly at the flashes. It's like not looking directly at someone welding without wearing welding goggles. If you don't look directly at the welding flash, you don't have a problem, but can get retinal burn if you look directly at it unprotected.


The No-Brainer - S1-E12

Corrected entry: Right before the second body is found, Olivia interviews Luke Dempsey. After the second body is examined, while Peter leaves with the hard drives, Olivia says that she's going to interview Luke. She just did that.

Brad Premium member

Correction: With the discovery of a second body and Luke Dempsey is the prime suspect, why can't Olivia interview him again?


The Transformation - S1-E13

Corrected entry: Nina Sharp states that the glass disk found in John's body will implode when the host dies. However, the disk found in Marshall Bowman is just fine, despite the fact that Bowman has been dead for quite some time.

Brad Premium member

Correction: By this point, it's become clear that Nina Sharp doesn't always tell the complete truth.

JC Fernandez

Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The contagion used on Flight 627 was apparently so contagious that every passenger became infected in seconds. However, when John is infected with the contagion, Olivia, Peter, Walter, and the other doctors are able to tend to to him without getting infected.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Actually, they stated that they had lowered the guy's body temperature enough to make the infection spread really slowly, so if the characters were in the room with him, they wouldn't be affected if the infection could only travel so fast.

Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The 'German language', which the people on the plane at the beginning speak, sounds very much like the actors come from Eastern Europe. The old couple and the flight attendant speak German with a heavy accent. The flight captain's German is grammatically wrong and also doesn't sound like he is a real German. Are there no unemployed German wannabe-actors in Hollywood? And the Danish guy doesn't even try to speak German when most of the Danish people speak at least a bit of German. He just says "I'm from Denmark". Chances are big he also could have tried to say that in German.

Correction: My dad speaks German. Low German. My stepmother speaks German.but they are completely different dialects and accents. Eastern European German may sound different if the person lived most of their life in East Germany, which had a Soviet occupation for almost 50 years. There's a strong Russian influence on language for Germans from East Germany. Define a 'real' German. "Most" Danes speaking a little bit of German doesn't mean they all do, just as most Canadians aren't bilingual in English and French, even though it's officially a bilingual country.

The End of All Things - S4-E14

Corrected entry: When David Robert Jones pulls the little box with the lights out, Olivia says that she knows what she has to do, that she "has to turn the lights on with her mind." She knows this because her memory of him returned, but she didn't have to turn the lights on. In the original episode she had to turn them off. (00:31:00)

Daniel Heinrich Asmus

Correction: Olivia never specifically said she has turned the lights on before, just that "we did something like this before"

The No-Brainer - S1-E12

Corrected entry: Peter tells Olivia that the brain-melting computer program is being downloaded at her apartment "right now", which suggests a computer is already on and the program is running. But the next scene is Olivia's niece Ella turning her computer on for the first time.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Correction: There's no evidence that the two shots are sequential. It's not a continuity error, the scene in Olivia's apartment just doesn't begin after the scene where Olivia talks to Peter, it starts just before.

The Ghost Network - S1-E3

Corrected entry: In the scene where the team first arrive to investigate the bus, the shot where the team is walking towards the bus is used twice. The first time the shot is used Broyles is speaking and the audio syncs with the video. The second time the shot is used Olivia is speaking, but you can see that Olivia's mouth is not moving and Broyles' mouth is.

Correction: I think your TV or whatever this was watched on is lagging because I re-watched this episode and could not find this mistake.

Safe - S1-E10

Corrected entry: Raul Lugo gets stuck halfway between the wall and is alive for several seconds before Loeb kills him. In reality, the wall would crush his internal organs and he would die instantly. No need for Loeb to shoot him.

Brad Premium member

Correction: That's like saying "in reality" while referring to the transporter on Star Trek. The fact is we know nothing about how this fictional technology works so we don't know what would happen. It's possible his body simply merged with the wall and it took a while for it to shut down.

Unleashed - S1-E16

Corrected entry: When they get the idea to poison the larvae inside Charlie, Peter says that the poison killed the larvae. Yet, later, when they do the sonogram, the larvae are still in his stomach.

Brad Premium member

Correction: The poison killed the larvae, it didn't dissolve them.


Correction: Doctor Bishop has shown himself to have memory problems on several occasions. While a genius in many fields of academic and scientific endeavour, there's no indication that his interest in music is any more than a casual one. He simply remembered incorrectly, which is not grounds for a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

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