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Corrected entry: The girl with pyrokinesis is named Nancy Lewis, as shown in "The Road Not Taken". However, in "Over There", she is referred to as Sally Clark. Even though it's a different actress playing her, it's obviously the same character, as there is no one else with that power and there is no S. Clark on the height chart in Jacksonville.

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Correction: The two are obviously different characters. Nancy Lewis and Susan Pratt (formerly Lewis) are identical pyrokinetic twins with curly red hair. Sally Clark isn't even somewhat similar looking to the two as she is shorter and has straight blonde hair, and no one references meeting her before. Broyles and Nina were secretly tracking down subjects on their own, and Sally is probably one of them. Simon Phillips from season 3 wasn't on the chart either and was said to be from the Wooster trials, as they said in "Ability" that Jacksonville wasn't the only place where Cortexiphan was tested, so the same is likely true of Sally. The three of them just all happen to be pyrokinetic.

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