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Corrected entry: When Derek is shot and needs a transfusion, they first offer up Sarah as being O negative, the universal donor, but it is turned down as he needs his own blood type, AB positive. John then states, "Test mine," and his is magically AB even though his type could only be A, B or O with his mother as type O. To be AB, his mother would have had to have been A, B or AB. This was required to have John donate to Derek and to allow Sarah to offer as O-, but is factually impossible.


Correction: There is a genetic mutation called the Bombay mutation, where a person may have type A or B blood in their genotype, but their blood cells don't carry A or B markers. As such, if Sarah had this mutation, and a doctor took her blood and tested it, it would show up as a type O phenotype, but she would still be able to pass on the gene for type A or B blood to her children.

Vick's Chip (1) - S1-E8

Corrected entry: As the scene begins, we are looking through Cameron's eyes as she holds up a photo of a night cityscape framed by plants. She lowers the photo to reveal she is standing in the exact spot that the picture was taken. In both the photo and her view, the plants that frame the distant city are very well lit. But the shot changes to show Cameron turning to face camera and we see the plants are now in near-total darkness beyond her. (00:16:10)


Correction: A possible reason for the lighting change could be different times of day from picture to actual time Cameron visits the site.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the pilot episode, just before Sarah, John and Cameron travel to the future, Sarah blasts Cromartie and you can see his head fly off. In this episode, Cameron reveals that Cromartie has traveled to the future along with them by pointing out his bare endoskeleton head in the background of the video that was taken of them just after they arrive in the future. It is supposed to be impossible for anything non-biological to time travel, so why is it that Cromartie's head made it through even though it was missing the surrounding living tissue? (00:01:40)

Correction: Cromartie's head is launched into the time vortex when still (mostly) covered by flesh. This, combined with its motion (as opposed to the standing position of the other three) may have affected how his head was treated by the device. Also, this time travel device in the vault is not the same as the one in the future, but is built by soldiers sent back to the 1960s to construct it. As such, it is possible a slight, unintended variation in materials, preparation or construction can have allowed for this to occur. Essentially, there are many differences between this event and those shown in the three films, any one of which could account for what happens.


The Turk - S1-E3

Corrected entry: In the scene when Cromartie is talking to the "skin biologist" he has his face covered by a mask. When he asks him "Can you do it?" you can see the mask being blown from inside. This is impossible, because Cromatrie has no flesh, furthermore he has no lungs to breathe. In all other scenes his mask is still. (00:22:35)

Correction: The movement of the mask is caused by the movement of Cromartie's jaw. Even if a Terminator doesn't currently have flesh, it still moves its jaw when speaking (as its infiltration programming doesn't change when "naked").

Samson & Delilah - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: All shots of the Jeep Cherokee prior to it crashing (and during the process of flipping over) show that it wears factory-optional silver steel wheels of a 'star' style. But as the wreck settles upside-down, it's wearing plain steel wheels (like those found under full wheel covers or on a spare tire).

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Queen's Gambit - S1-E5

Trivia: Cameron meets a prototype robot that smiles and waves at her in in the exhibition outside the chess tournament. Briefly visible on its control screen, alongside basic commands, is the word "BladeRunner", a reference to the classic sci-fi film which also features a dystopian future populated by humanoid robots.

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