The High Chaparral

Generation - S3-E25

Revealing mistake: Due to budget cuts in the 3rd season, an L.A. soundstage replica of the ranch house replaced the outdoor set, which was in Old Tuscon. The replacement was often painfully obvious. In this episode, a stock exterior shot of the real house, with its outside walls undecorated, contrasts with the mock-up, which has mounted cattle horns all over it.

Jean G

Trail to Nevermore - S3-E7

Revealing mistake: During the cart-pulling scenes in the desert, the use of a stunt double becomes apparent when the usually reed-thin Victoria suddenly gains several pounds and some new muscles in the posterior region. (00:08:00)

Jean G

The Lieutenant - S3-E20

Revealing mistake: When John runs out of the Simmons' house, a jet contrail is faintly visible in the sky at the far right of the screen.

Jean G

New Hostess in Town - S3-E22

Revealing mistake: After Buck knocks Bates out, Victoria takes the outlaw's clothes as a disguise in order to escape. Miraculously, Bates' clothes, despite his being a foot taller and considerably heavier than Victoria, fit her perfectly. She doesn't even have to roll up the shirt sleeves or the trouser legs.

Jean G

Auld Lang Syne - S3-E24

Revealing mistake: When Buck comes across the first of two bodies in the desert, we see only the dead man's booted legs protruding from the bushes. When he finds the second body, the exact same shot of legs and boots (with the same bushes and rocks) is used over again with the film reversed.

Jean G

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