The High Chaparral

The High Chaparral (1967)

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Ride the Savage Land - S1-E22

Corrected entry: The dead soldier is still holding the coin with which Manolito paid him for the horse. But when the camera pulls in close, it becomes apparent that the "coin" is actually a blank disc. (00:30:00)

Jean G

Correction: The coin is not blank. It appears to be a Mexican gold coin.

To Stand for Something More - S3-E6

Corrected entry: When he falls into the water, Blue's hat flies off and floats to the middle of the pond. He never wades out after it, but somehow it reappears beside him just in time for him to put it on and climb ashore. (00:15:00)

Jean G

Correction: The thing in the middle of the pond was already there in previous shot and is not his hat.

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Billy Blue Cannon: I need all the rest I can get, Uncle Buck.
Buck Cannon: When I was your age, Blue, the word 'rest' hadn't been invented.

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The Buffalo Soldiers - S2-E10

Trivia: The all-black 10th Cavalry mounted troop is portrayed here by a re-creationist group that has trained itself in specialized 19th Century cavalry riding maneuvers. The group includes some descendants of the original "Buffalo Soldiers," whose nickname was coined by Native Americans that had never seen black men, and thought the soldiers' hair resembled that of the buffalo.

Jean G

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