The High Chaparral
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 3
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Destination Tucson (1) 0
2 The Arrangement (2) 1
3 The Ghost of Chaparral 0
4 Best Man for the Job 1
5 A Quiet Day in Tucson 0
6 Young Blood 0
7 Shadows on the Land 0
8 The Filibusteros 0
9 The Doctor from Dodge 0
10 Sudden Country 0
11 A Hanging Offense 2
12 The Price of Revenge 1
13 The Widow from Red Rock 0
14 Mark of the Turtle 0
15 The Terrorist 0
16 The Firing Wall 0
17 The Assassins 1
18 Survival 0
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Billy Blue Cannon: I need all the rest I can get, Uncle Buck.
Buck Cannon: When I was your age, Blue, the word 'rest' hadn't been invented.

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Trivia: While shooting an early episode, Mark Slade fell from his horse and suffered a painful bruise when he landed very hard on the gun at his hip. After much pleading, he convinced the producers and the prop dept. to make a replica pistol out of rubber. Replaced by the real one only when it actually had to be fired, the fake gun remained in Blue Boy's holster for the rest of the show's run.

Jean G

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