The High Chaparral

Trivia: While shooting an early episode, Henry Darrow fell from his horse and suffered a painful bruise when he landed very hard on the gun at his hip. After much pleading, he convinced the producers and the prop dept. to make a replica pistol out of rubber. Replaced by the real one only when it actually had to be fired, the fake gun remained in Manolito's holster for the rest of the show's run.

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The Buffalo Soldiers - S2-E10

Trivia: The all-black 10th Cavalry mounted troop is portrayed here by a re-creationist group that has trained itself in specialized 19th Century cavalry riding maneuvers. The group includes some descendants of the original "Buffalo Soldiers," whose nickname was coined by Native Americans that had never seen black men, and thought the soldiers' hair resembled that of the buffalo.

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Trivia: High Chaparral was one of the first TV westerns to hire large numbers of genuine Native American actors to play the "Indians." During a casting call for the part of Apache Chief Cochise, one actor, when asked to give his name, responded "Cochise." "No, no," the casting director argued. "That's the role. We want your name." "Cochise." This went back and forth a few times before the actor slapped the table and angrily declared, "Damn it, I am Cochise!" And to the casting director's astonishment, he was - a namesake and great-grandson of the original Cochise. [Source: TV Guide, 1967.].

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