Trail to Nevermore - S3-E7

Plot hole: At the end, despite an earlier emphasis on the necessity of wearing one's hat in the desert, John rides out of town without his. Victoria, who wore John's hat when they crossed the desert, isn't wearing it either. And of course, the "lost" hat reappears on John's head in the next episode.


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No Trouble at All - S3-E26

Plot hole: Victoria asks her rescuers to take her to Rancho Velásquez. When they ask where it is, she says, "About 30 miles from here." Though she never indicates a direction, they reply, "Sorry, we're not going that way."


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Apache Trust - S3-E8

Plot hole: Somewhere in old Tucson, there must have been a merchant with dozens of identical hats to sell. Here, as in other episodes, Blue's hat is lost somewhere in the desert when he's captured by the Apaches. By the next episode, though, he has it (or one just like it) back again. Lost horses, sometimes even after being killed, had a similar habit of reappearing alive and well in the following week's episode.


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Trail to Nevermore - S3-E7

Plot hole: When Manolito and Victoria jump from the wagon, her hat flies off and falls to the ground. The bandits ride on by, chasing the wagon, after which Mano and Victoria get up and start walking. She later laments losing her hat when they leaped, which makes no sense. Since the bandits and therefore the urgency had passed, there was no reason not to retrieve her hat before they left the area.

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Manolito rushes into Don Sebastian's study, passing two large, open doors. When the shot cuts, he passes the same doors again.



While shooting an early episode, Henry Darrow fell from his horse and suffered a painful bruise when he landed very hard on the gun at his hip. After much pleading, he convinced the producers and the prop dept. to make a replica pistol out of rubber. Replaced by the real one only when it actually had to be fired, the fake gun remained in Manolito's holster for the rest of the show's run.