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15 mistakes in The Phoenix Saga (1): Sacrifice

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The Phoenix Saga (1): Sacrifice - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: When Cyclops is saying "They'll be safe in the isolation chamber " he and Jean Grey are standing near the lockers on the left side of the screen, four floor tiles away from the door. When the shot changes, the two of them have suddenly moved to the right, in line with the door, and only two floor tiles away from it. The floor tiles themselves are also now drastically smaller. (00:08:32)


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Trivia: Following Disney's acquisition of Fox, the creators of this show pitched a revival to stream on Disney+. Producer Larry Houston has said he would come out of retirement specifically to work on this. The revival - titled X-Men '97 - was announced on Disney+ Day in November of 2021 for a 2023 premiere date, with much of the surviving original cast returning.


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Question: Does anyone know why Gambit was featured less and less in episodes as the show went on? He was one of the most popular characters in not just X-Men, but all of Marvel Comics around the time this series first aired, so unless it had something to do with his voice actor's contract, it seems odd they wouldn't have utilized him more.


Answer: Chris Potter, the original Gambit voice actor, did indeed quit the role in the 4th season. His last episode was The Phalanx Covenant Part 1 so it seems reasonable that Fox would limit the use of the character even though it was recast. It doesn't appear that Potter left the role due to animosity, he stated in an interview that he wished to play Gambit in the first live action X-Men film.


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