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Deadly Reunions - S1-E4

Stupidity: When Sabretooth is pushing Wolverine's claws back towards him, Wolverine desperately struggles to keep his claws away from his face. Instead of struggling to keep the claws away, Wolverine could have simply retracted them and get out of danger.

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Suggested correction: It should also be pointed out that there really was no reason for him to retract his claws. In some shots you can tell the claws weren't that close to his face, he was just struggling to get Sabretooth off him. What would Wolverine care if his claws scratched him? He already rips holes in his hands every time he extends his claws, so a scratch or hole in his face wouldn't matter when he can heal.


Suggested correction: If Sabretooth is squeezing Wolverine's arms hard enough, then it's possible that the muscles are too tensed up to allow him to retract claws back into his arms.

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This is only a theory. Theories never resolve mistakes.

Then by that same token, the entry isn't a valid mistake because it's worded as a question. Also, theories can and do resolve mistakes if the mistake in question is a subjective observation of a character decision.

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Nothing suggests that his muscles are too tensed up. For many viewers it is too confusing that he didn't simply retract his claws.

Something being confusing isn't the same as being a mistake. Things also don't need to be explicitly spelled out for audiences to reasonably assume why characters do or don't do certain things.

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Reunion: Part 1 - S2-E12

Character mistake: When wondering how close they are to the top of the cliff, Xavier asks Magneto "How much further?" The word "further" is used for non-measurable or figurative advancement. He should have asked how much farther, as that refers to actual distance between objects. An educated man like Xavier would certainly know the difference between the two. (00:02:44)

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Suggested correction: While "farther" is used for physical distance, further can be too, especially in British English. Farther also tends to be used for a measured physical distance, so if the actual distance isn't known, further can be used. What Charles said is grammatically correct.


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Slave Island - S1-E7

Plot hole: After Storm's attempt to escape the Genoshan prison is thwarted, she ends up in the ocean right at the shoreline of the beach, where she is captured by a Sentinel. Aside from the fact that it makes no sense for a Sentinel to be hiding in the ocean in the event that a mutant tries to escape the prison, there is absolutely no way that a two-story tall robot could hide in the ocean right by the beach, as the water would be way too shallow. You can even see that the water level only goes up to the Sentinel's ankle area when it is standing upright in the ocean. (00:03:15)

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Answer: It appears a number of factors led to its demise. It was originally intended to air for 65 episodes, but its popularity extended that. However, there were continual production quality problems, issues regarding whether the content was suitable enough for children, as well as financial considerations that finally led to it being ended.

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