Boston Legal

Boston Legal (2004)

1 mistake in season 4

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Oral Contracts - S4-E8

Character mistake: Lorraine mistakenly tells Denny to "call 999" instead of 911, and when asked about it by Katie, denies having ever spent time in the UK (later revealed to be a lie). But this isn't some high-pressure slip of the tongue, she's highly intelligent and has been in America for a decent length of time, is working hard to maintain her facade of being born and bred American, so there's no way she'd slip up over such an obvious thing.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Brad Chase: I outrank you.
Alan Shore: And I'm such a slut for authority.

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Trivia: Alan tells Denny that he'll outlive them all, and will still be out there "doing Priceline commercials". William Shatner did commercials for Priceline for many years.

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