The Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West (1965)

3 mistakes in The Night of the Pelican

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The Night of the Pelican - S4-E13

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the episode when rocket one is fired, it launches very, very slowly with little force/velocity - obviously a prop.

The Night of the Pelican - S4-E13

Continuity mistake: Near the end of this episode, a rocket is fired at the ship. When it explodes near the ship, it is never seen soaring towards the ship to explode.

The Night of the Pelican - S4-E13

Deliberate mistake: After Jeremy Pike drops the box in front of the firing squad and it begins to emit smoke, the wind blows the smoke to the right. The actors playing the soldiers in the firing squad then move themselves into the smoke and begin coughing and choking from it.


Trivia: Due to the rigorous stunts he performed, actor Robert Conrad would often rip out the seat of his already too tight pants.

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