Prison Break

Bolshoi Booze - S2-E11

Factual error: Linc arrives at the 'Bolshoi Booze' location at 17:45. It is an 8 hour drive from Trinidad Colorado to that location, which is right on the Texas - New Mexico border. That means that they would have had to have left at 09:45 that morning. But they don't appear to have stayed a night at Linc's father's place - and in none of the other plot lines has it been night. They couldn't have covered that ground in the time span of the plot.

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Jacob La Cour

Bolshoi Booze - S2-E11

Factual error: The bad guy shoots a suppressed pistol, and Lincoln doesn't hear it, but instead is alarmed and can flee because he can hear the shell casing hit the floor like hearing a pin drop. A suppressed 9mm pistol can be heard very loudly indoors.




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