The Woman in Limbo - S1-E22

Other mistake: Hodges and Angie find a piece of paper buried with Bones' mother and they tell Bones that the date of the movie is September 22,1993. The ticket has two dates, September 22,1993 and in two different places it says April 22,1993. The Fugitive was released August 6th,1993.

The Woman in the Garden - S1-E13

Other mistake: Just after Booth realises the drive by was done to help the gang member escape, we see him run up to Bones who's on the forensic platform. However Booth doesn't swipe his pass to allow him entry. Whenever anyone walks up without swiping the card, a siren goes off and the security guard stops them. Regardless of who they are, as demonstrated in several episodes. (00:06:00)

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A Boy in a Tree - S1-E3

Other mistake: When Booth says about passing the journey in quiet meditation, the background outside the car (which is s projection) flashes white very briefly. (00:02:50)

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