Pilot - S1-E1

New this month Audio problem: Bones says to Booth "you remember my assistant, Mr. Addy." Booth then replies "oh yeah" however his mouth doesn't move.


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The Man on Death Row - S1-E4

Audio problem: After Zac has decrypted the code, Hodgins states he's got something. When he starts to say the line the camera doesn't show him. However it changes halfway through "got." Once the camera angle has changed you can see Hodgins' mouth and it's not moving despite us hearing him speak.


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The Man in the Wall - S1-E7

Audio problem: When Bones wears the dead guy's hand, Bones says a line about not needing mittens for Christmas. However the audio doesn't match her mouth.


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A Boy in a Tree - S1-E3

Audio problem: When Angela is saying the line "put an adolescent in an awkward situation" you can see that her words don't match her mouth.


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The Man in the SUV - S1-E2

Audio problem: When going up the escalator, Booth's lines after the quip about tying up horses are overdubbed.


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Pilot - S1-E1

Audio problem: Bones asks Booth if he was any good at being sniper. Booth replies and for the first part of his reply the audio doesn't match his mouth. As the angle changes however, it does match up from that point onwards.


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Dr. Temperance Brennan: I've never gotten a B and I never will.
Seeley Booth: That's my girl.



The Roswell, New Mexico sheriff forces Bones to examine the body because it was found in his jurisdiction. But later in the episode, we learn that the body was found 2 kilometers from the border of Mexico. Roswell is not even in a county on the border of New Mexico much less one that borders Mexico. In fact the closest border to Roswell between the US and Mexico would be in Texas - hours drive away. The Roswell sheriff would have no jurisdiction.



At around 5 mins 11 seconds into the episode, Vincent Nigel-Murrey and Dr. Saroyan are discussing the bones on the forensic platform. In the background of a shot of Vincent, the x-ray on the screen is of Homer Simpson's head in the middle of the screen, instead of a real human skull.