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7 mistakes in season 8

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Last Day in Florida - S8-E18

Continuity mistake: Toby competes with Darryl to sell Girl Scout cookies. Toby says it's his daughter's first year selling them. However, earlier in the series, Toby agrees to sign Dwight's apology letter from corporate if he buys cookies from his daughter.

Christmas Wishes - S8-E10

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the episode when Robert California is escorting Erin out of the office, they are already in the parking lot speaking while it cuts to a shot of a concerned Andy in the conference room watching them from the window. A few moments later, Andy is shown saying goodbye to his girlfriend, while watching Robert and Erin leave the office. This should not be possible as they were shown to be in the parking lot already in a previous scene, with Andy watching as well. (00:18:38)

Special Project - S8-E14

Continuity mistake: When Dwight goes to write the idea that Erin had of a coat check on the whiteboard, he begins to write cop, but in the next cut, the P is changed to an A for coat check. (00:09:40)

Get the Girl - S8-E19

Continuity mistake: When the group is chanting, the first shot of the balloon has the forklift prong over it. In the next shot, Daryl is driving the forklift towards the balloon and the prong isn't over the balloon yet.


Tallahassee - S8-E15

Continuity mistake: When Dwight is holding the "Taboo" buzzer in front of Erin, he's holding it so the speaker is facing down. After Jim slaps him, he's holding the buzzer so the speaker is facing up.


Gettysburg - S8-E8

Continuity mistake: While Andy continues the tour, Gabe stays behind to perform as Abraham Lincoln. Later on we see Gabe with the others, we even get a close up. A while later, when everyone is tired and sitting on the grass, Gabe doesn't seem to be there. Eventually the episode ends with Gabe finishing his performance.

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Viewing Party - S7-E8

Trivia: Michael says his favorite "Glee" character is "the invalid", referring to Artie Abrams. Artie is played by Kevin McHale. McHale appeared in one episode of "The Office", s04e03 (Launch Party), as the pizza delivery boy that Michael ends up "kidnapping."


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The Cover-Up - S6-E23

Question: In the beginning, when Jim and Pam are supposedly communicating through Morse Code, do they actually saying anything? What about the end with Pam and Dwight? What is said? Or is it just random clicks, taps, and blinks to seem like Morse Code for the audience?


Answer: I only know the part about the detonator, the rest might be random but Jim said "There is a detonator in this office."

Is that what is actually clicked out? Seems way too long for what how short the scene is. Or are you just guessing that's what was implied because of Dwight's reaction.


Answer: This is what a person on Reddit wrote regarding Jim and Pam: I know Morse code well, and most of it was gibberish, especially Jim's clicks. Pam's second transmission was almost intelligible as SE HE IT (3 clicks 1 click, 4 clicks, 1 click, 2 clicks and long click). "

raywest Premium member

Answer: I tried to solve it, seemed like random clicking to me.

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