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1 mistake in Christmas Wishes

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Christmas Wishes - S8-E10

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the episode when Robert California is escorting Erin out of the office, they are already in the parking lot speaking while it cuts to a shot of a concerned Andy in the conference room watching them from the window. A few moments later, Andy is shown saying goodbye to his girlfriend, while watching Robert and Erin leave the office. This should not be possible as they were shown to be in the parking lot already in a previous scene, with Andy watching as well. (00:18:38)

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Viewing Party - S7-E8

Trivia: Michael says his favorite "Glee" character is "the invalid", referring to Artie Abrams. Artie is played by Kevin McHale. McHale appeared in one episode of "The Office", s04e03 (Launch Party), as the pizza delivery boy that Michael ends up "kidnapping."


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Answer: No, but there are several currently available on eBay.


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