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The Office (2005)

6 mistakes in season 7

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Sex Ed - S7-E4

Character mistake: Carol says that Michael proposed to her on their fourth date. The proposal happened in Season 3, Episode 6, Diwali, and in that episode, Carol mentioned that it was their ninth date.


Goodbye, Michael - S7-E21

Continuity mistake: When Gabe and Erin are talking in the bathroom, Creed comes out of the stall and closes the stall door behind him, and it stays in that position. The next time we see the door, it's wide open.


Viewing Party - S7-E8

Character mistake: In the scene where Ryan and Andy are taking a tour of Gabe's bedroom, Ryan says "Hey, Marantz tube stereo from the 1970s" It is in fact a Marantz SR 1000 stereo receiver. This model uses solid state electronics, not vacuum tubes. (00:13:30)

seilogramp - S7-E9

Other mistake: When Jim is editing the audiobook of Jo's autobiography, the waveform displayed on his computer program is inaccurate to the phonetics of the phrase being uttered. The crew of the show simply pasted in a random waveform of someone speaking a different sentence. There are a number of ways to tell it is inaccurate, but one is the periodicity of the waveform during the sibilant [s], which appear be noisy and not periodic. (00:15:20)


Ultimatum - S7-E12

Other mistake: When Michael and Erin go back into Michael's office and start the video on Michael's computer, the "Play" button hasn't changed even though the video is playing. It should have changed to the pause button.

Michael Scott: Yeah, I went hunting once. Shot a deer in the leg. Had to kill it with a shovel. Took about an hour. Why do you ask?

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Viewing Party - S7-E8

Trivia: Michael says his favorite "Glee" character is "the invalid", referring to Artie Abrams. Artie is played by Kevin McHale. McHale appeared in one episode of "The Office", s04e03 (Launch Party), as the pizza delivery boy that Michael ends up "kidnapping."


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Answer: No, but there are several currently available on eBay.


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